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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "We are, in a very true sense, wrapped around with God, penetrated by divinity, held up every instant by divine power that saturates all of reality and exceeds it…God is everywhere in the world as the soul is everywhere in the body; where God is not, nothing is." My Way of Life, The Summa Simplified for Everyone (Walter Farrell and Martin J. Healy)

2 "God governs all things immediately; God possesses, in its very essence, the government of all things, even of the very least." Thomas Aquinas, 'Treatise on Divine Government' Man and Spirit, The Speculative Philosophers (Saxe Commins and Robert N. Linscott, editors)

3 "The spiritually alive person is aware….that there is a power behind the cosmic flow which is all-powerful and all-caring." Summons to Life, Contemporary Christian Insights (Martin Israel)

4 "God strengthens, but draws forth our own last bit of strength. God guides, but we think we're wandering blindly." A Retreat With St. Bonaventure (Leonard J. Bowman)

5 "God is…the providential agent, prepared to guard the fate of our planet and the interests of its inhabitants." Leon Brunschwigg (1869-1944), professor of Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris A Treasury of Philosophy, Vol. 1 (Dagobert D. Runes, editor)

6 "All of the elements are held intimately and lovingly in the hand of Spirit." 366 Celt: A Year and A Day of Celtic Wisdom and Lore (Carl McColman)

7 "Interpenetrating and transcending the world of phenomenal life there is an order of being that both sustains life and draws it to its final destination. The order of being of which I speak is all-embracing, having no finite parts, and neither beginning nor end. It embraces every created object." Summons to Life, Contemporary Christian Insights (Martin Israel)

8 "The universe is created to support us in every way. God is constantly expressing His infinite care for us." A Return to Love, Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles (Marianne Williamson)

9 "Everything in some way partakes of the providence flowing out of this transcendent Deity which is the originator of all that is. Indeed nothing could exist without some share in the being and source of everything. Even the things which have no life participate in this, for it is the transcendent Deity which is the existence of every being." Pseudo-Dionysius, The Complete Works (John Farina, Editor-in-Chief)

10 "Universal Intelligence [is] the organizing, structuring principle at work behind nature, imposing order and purpose on the entire cosmic process." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

11 "Cosmic intelligence is running the show." Who Do You Think You Are? The Healing Power of Your Sacred Self (Carlos Warter, M.D., Ph.D.)

12 "His secrets are hidden deep; but all that He does will be best for us, without the slightest doubt." Interior Castle (Teresa of Avila)

13 "The Divine consciousness creates and protects all tribes of the human race." Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing (Caroline Myss)

14 "It has been continually proven to me that whether we know it or not we are effectively guided and guarded by God's grace. Whatever happens does so for the highest good." Tasha Halpert, 'Musings of a Homegrown Mystic' The Quest (various)

15 "There are no areas of anarchy in nature; no successful secession from the divine government of the world." My Way of Life, The Summa Simplified for Everyone (Walter Farrell and Martin J. Healy)

16 "As St. Dionysios says, 'All things participate in the providence that wells forth from the Godhead, the Cause of all.'" St. Gregory Palamas, 'Topics of Natural and Theological Science' The Philokalia, volume 4 (various authors, compiled by St. Nikodimos and St. Makarios)

17 "The bird is in the air, the stone lies on the land, the fish lives in the water, and my spirit is in God's hands." Angelus Silesius (1624-1677), 'Cherubinic Wanderer', vol. 1 Mystics after Modernism (Rudolf Steiner)

18 "God is always moving, ruling and giving being and virtue and grace and gifts to all creatures, containing them all in Himself, virtually, presentially and substantially." Living Flame of Love (St. John of the Cross)

19 "God has a care for every living thing. He numbers stars, and suns, and moons; He numbers angels, men, and everything; the birds, the flowers, the trees; the very petals of the rose he knows by name, and every one is numbered in his Book of Life; and every hair upon your head, and every drop of blood within your veins, he knows by number and by rhythm." ch. 109, vs. 21-24 Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ (Leo W. Dowling)

20 "God is all through His world, guiding, directing, sustaining, upholding, loving. In everything and through everything the providence of God is active and operative and powerful. He is in all." The Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians (William Barclay)

21 "Divine providence consists of the dispositions by which God guides all his creatures with wisdom and love to their ultimate end." Catechism of the Catholic Church (Various)

22 "Between those two points, from the Big Bang, at the beginning of time – to the Big Crunch, at the end of time – all the matter in the universe appears, expands to a maximum point, and then contracts again into nothing. And through it all, an ultimate intelligence – call it what you will – guides and directs the various activities of everything in the universe – including all living life forms – in unfathomable, unseen ways." Fred Alan Wolf, Ph. D., 'The Soul and Quantum Physics' Experiencing the Soul (Eliot Jay Rosen, editor)

23 "As you grow ready for it, somewhere or other you will find what is needful for you, in a book, or a friend, or, best of all, in your own thoughts, the eternal thought speaking in your thought." George Macdonald One Thousand Inspirational Things (Audrey Stone Morris, Compiler)

24 "The world is not in the hands of greedy politicians or terrorists or corporate moguls or fundamentalists praying for Armageddon. The world is in the hands of God." Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul (Caroline Myss)

25 "There are always those at every epoch in human history who are able to solve the problems which arise, and who are sent in for that very purpose." Esoteric Psychology I (Alice A. Bailey)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite