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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "Love as the creative Source of being is always already present." Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

2 "The soul that walks in love neither rests nor grows tired." St. John of the Cross The Mystic Hours, A Daybook of Interspiritual Wisdom & Devotion (Wayne Teasdale)

3 "Man is innately love – the force which produces coherency." Regents of the Seven Spheres (H. K. Challoner)

4 "My heart has opened unto every form. It is a pasture for gazelles, a cloister for Christian monks, a temple for idols, the Ka'ba of the pilgrim, the tablets of the Torah and the book of the Koran. I practice the religion of Love; in whatsoever directions its caravans advance, the religion of Love shall be my religion and my faith." Ibn 'Arabi The World's Religions (Huston Smith)

5 "Remove the belief you are something other than love, and you will see and hear and feel the presence of your basic nature." Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream (Mary-Margaret Moore)

6 "Cosmic love is ruthlessly loving: whether you like it or not it loves you, teaches you, teases you, plays with you, surprises you." The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space (John C. Lilly, M.D.)

7 "It is not a matter of 'I ought to love'; not 'I will love'; not 'I hope to love some day'; but 'I love you now'. You may not like what a person does; you may not approve of him, but you cannot afford to not love him. Think to yourself: 'I love God in this person.'" Drawing the Larger Circle, How to Love and Be Loved (Jack and Cornelia Addington)

8 "The life of God consists in the eternal practice of love; and this life is wholly beautiful, possessed of a loving disposition toward beauty and never receiving any check in the practice of love. And because beauty is boundless, love shall never cease." Gregory of Nyssa (b. 335), 'De Anima et Resurrectione', 8 The Holy Fire, the Story of the Fathers of the Eastern Church (Robert Payne)

9 "The deepest and most profound and most hidden of all human desires: The desire to love and to give oneself in love and to be part of the living stream we call brotherhood." Fritz Kunkel, M.D. (1889-1956), American psychiatrist, 'In Search of Maturity', quoted in 'The Choice Is Always Ours', edited by Dorothy B. Phillips, Pillar Books 1975, p. 105 The Choice Is Always Ours (Dorothy B. Phillips, Chief Editor)

10 "Love, in the divine sense, is the giving of one's whole being to another, and when we say that God is love we mean that he gives his entire infinite Self to every single object of his love, to every creature that he has made." Behold the Spirit, A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion (Alan Watts)

11 "Universal Energy projects love to all elements – be sensitive to this fact." Agartha: The Essential Guide to Personal Transformation in the New Era (Meredith L. Young)

12 "Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation." Henry Ward Beecher (1813-1887), American journalist and preacher The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

13 "It doesn't much matter if you do all the right things and stand up for good…if you do it without love." End-Time Prophecies of the Bible (David Haggith)

14 "Love is the key to every closed door. Learn to use it until all doors have been opened." The Spirit of Findhorn (Eileen Caddy)

15 "The notion that a great wave of love will be the salvation of the human race is an idea whose time has come. And our willingness to be part of that wave gives a transcendent purpose to our lives." The Gift of Change, Spiritual Guidance for a Radically New Life (Marianne Williamson)

16 "'It is love which makes the world go round', says an old, familiar adage…the truth of all is behind it." Lamps of Western Mysticism (Arthur Edward Waite)

17 "The love demanded of us is neither emotional nor sentimental. It is intensely practical, and expresses itself in service and cooperative activity." The Externalization of the Hierarchy (Alice A. Bailey)

18 "Our own individual actions are extremely important because we are all part of this larger matrix, a global web. Our own acts of love build energy that we can all draw upon. Even a little bit of love on our part can create an important foundation for future generations to build upon." James and Salle Merrill Redfield, 'Listening for Love' Handbook for the Heart, Original Writings on Love (Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, editors)

19 "Love is the unbeatable cosmic force!" Saint Germain on Alchemy (Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

20 "There is a spiritual alchemy by means of which adversity resulting from actions motived by selfishness can be diminished or even dispersed by the deliberate exertion of energies and the enactment of deeds motivated by love. This spiritual mode of life constitutes the 'Way of Holiness' of Isaiah, the 'strait and narrow way' of Christianity, the 'Noble Eightfold Path' of Buddhism and the 'razor-edged Path' of Hinduism." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

21 "Knowing we have done our best and it simply wasn't enough opens our hearts to other human beings whose best has likewise failed. The mind has its logic; the heart alone can know wisdom, bridge chasms, make peace." Dancing in the Flames, The Dark Goddess in the Transformation of Consciousness (Marion Woodman and Elinor Dickson)

22 "It is the heart force that brings all life, that creates all life, that moves through us. It is never too late to touch this fountain. So take time to listen, to allow that wellspring to be known in your own life." Jack Kornfield, Buddhist teacher, 'The Wellspring of the Heart' Handbook for the Heart, Original Writings on Love (Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, editors)

23 "The One loves All." The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space (John C. Lilly, M.D.)

24 "Let us master this science and read this book of love. God instructs; Love is His school." Yunus Emre, 13th century Turkish Sufi The Inner West, An Introduction to the Hidden Wisdom of the West (Jay Kinney, editor)

25 "Buddhism emphasizes that the wisdom of enlightenment must always be conjoined with compassion, for if wisdom is seeing the interrelatedness of all beings, love is the ethical expression of the same truth." Finding Deep Joy (Robert Ellwood)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite