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The Religions
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1 "The sacred traditions affirm that each human being is made in the image and likeness of God. Each has a 'Divine Spark', or Kernel of the Ultimate Reality, around which is gathered and organized form and force, matter and energy." Divine Light and Fire, Experiencing Esoteric Christianity (Peter Roche deCoppens)

2 "Religion represents the long disclosure of God's being through the collective experience of the whole of humanity, God reflecting himself personally on the organized sum of thinking monads, to guarantee an assured success and fix precise laws for their hesitant activities – God bent over the now intelligent mirror of Earth to impress on it the first marks of his Beauty." Let Me Explain (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

3 "Even as a tree has a single trunk, but many branches and leaves, so there is one true and perfect Religion, but it becomes many, as it passes through the human medium….True knowledge of religion breaks down the barriers between faith and faith." The Essential Gay Mystics (Andrew Harvey, Editor)

4 "If the pure and original root of these different [religious] beliefs can be uncovered, it will be found to be identical in most respects. In each case we will discover that the One God over all was acknowledged." The Finding of the Third Eye (Vera Stanley Alder)

5 "Throughout history, deeper answers to the questions of life have been offered in the various traditions of sacred psychology – and not just answers, but practical methods of training to grow the godseed. Be it the sophisticated psychophysical methods found in various forms of yoga, or the spiritual practice of oriental martial arts, or the training of mindfulness in Buddhism, or of the imagination in Islamic mysticism, or the activation of courage and creative power in the shamanic practices of the North-South axis of the world, the tradition of the development of the god in us is very rich and always contemporary." The Search for the Beloved (Jean Houston)

6 "Different religious traditions can engage in dialogue with one another in a true spirit of ecumenism. Dialogue can be fruitful and enriching if both sides are truly open. If they really believe that there are valuable elements in each other's tradition and that they can learn from one another, they will also rediscover many valuable aspects of their own tradition through such an encounter. Peace will be a beautiful flower blooming on this field of practice." Living Buddha, Living Christ (Thich Nhat Hanh)

7 "The fact that there is a religious movement upon which many brilliant minds have worked over a period of many centuries is sufficient reason for at least venturing a serious attempt to bring such processes within the realm of scientific understanding." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

8 "Each religion has certain unique ideas or techniques, and learning about them can only enrich one's own faith." The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

9 "Deep ecumenism is needed today to bring forth the wisdom of all the world religions for the critical issues that our species faces at this..moment in earth history." Wrestling with the Prophets, Essays on Creation Spirituality and Everyday Life (Matthew Fox)

10 "Jews and Christians, Muslims and Hindus all share the same experiences, what makes them differ one from the other is the insight into the meaning of those experiences. We cannot afford ignorance of what our next-door neighbors…may believe about the nature and destiny of humankind." The Book of Miracles (Kenneth L. Woodward)

11 "Religion is the root of human existence." Wilhelm Schlegel (1767-1845), German poet, 'Lectures, 1807-1808' The Great Thoughts (George Seldes, compiler)

12 "All men of wisdom have one religion; they all have one caste; they all behold the face of the One!" Dadu, 16th century Indian saint-poet One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from World Faiths (Matthew Fox)

13 "The history of religions – from the most elementary to the most developed – is constituted by a number of important hierophanies, manifestations of sacred realities. Beginning from the most elementary hierophany – for example, the manifestation of the sacred in any object whatever, say a stone or a tree – and ending in the incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, there is no real break in the continuity." Myths, Dreams and Mysteries, The Encounter Between Contemporary Faiths and Archaic Realities (Mircea Eliade)

14 “Scriptural records as remain and are reasonably accurate reveal that the teachings given by the Sages to the mass of mankind were surprisingly few and quite similar.” Call to the Heights, Guidance on the Pathway to Self-illumination (Geoffrey Hodson)

15 "God and man are one and indivisible throughout all eternity. This is the one supreme truth taught in all Mystery Schools and in all religions." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

16 "Religion, in the Vedas, the Eddas, the Scriptures, descended as a song, as a poetic vision of the Creative Man." Anthology of the World's Best Poems (Edwin Markham, editor)

17 "This experience of nowness can join together the vastness of primordial wisdom with both the wisdom of past traditions and the realities of contemporary life. So in that way, you begin to see how the world of sacredness can be created altogether." Shambhala (Chogyam Trungpa)

18 "All that is auspicious, blessed, and beautiful is inherent in every human individual, like a great towering tree with its spreading branches, height, fruits, foliage, and flower is inherent in a tiny little seed. This message is the central content of the teachings of all the prophets, the messiahs, the messengers of God that have come and taught from time to time in different parts of the world." His Holiness Sri Swami Chidananda Saraswati, 'Love' A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

19 "The deeper we go into the depths of the individual psyche, the more we uncover universal themes. I like to think of each of the great traditions as a well that gives us access to the underground stream of living waters of spirituality." Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

20 "The various religions are but different languages through which God speaks to the human heart. 'Truth is one; sages call it by different names.' [the Vedas]" The World's Religions (Huston Smith)

21 "Spiritual traditions hold that the universe is made of consciousness, created by consciousness (God), and designed for consciousness, for its purposive, creative play." The Visionary Window: A Quantum Physicist's Guide to Enlightenment (Amit Goswami, Ph.D.)

22 "The function of comparative religion is to discern this essential Truth, this Divine Mystery beyond speech and thought forms of each religious tradition…In each tradition the one divine Reality, the one eternal Truth, is present, hidden under symbols, symbols of word and gesture, of ritual and dance and song, of poetry and music, art and architecture." Bede Griffiths, 'Return to the Centre' A Parliament of Souls, In Search of Global Spirituality (Michael Tobias, Jane Morrison, Bettina Gray, editors)

23 "All religions including the primitive with their magical rituals, are forms of psychotherapy which treat and heal the suffering of the soul, and the suffering of the body caused by the soul." Collected Works (Carl Jung)

24 "All [mystics] have the same message about that very thing which no soul can utter; the immediate experience of God." The Soul Afire, Revelations of the Mystics (H. A. Reinhold, editor)

25 "Deep ecumenism is the movement that will unleash the wisdom of ALL world religions – Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, Taoism and Shintoism, Christianity in all its forms, and native religions and goddess religions throughout the world. This unleashing of wisdom holds the last hope for the survival of the planet." The Coming of the Cosmic Christ (Matthew Fox)

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