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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "We might call the unfathomable depth in the image, love, or at least say we cannot get to the soul of the image without love for the image." A Blue Fire (James Hillman)

2 "The imaginative mind has marvelous access to other realms of reality. The point is not whether or not we are making things up, but instead, that if we can imagine it, some aspect of it exists – 'As above, so below.'" God Is A Verb, Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism (Rabbi David A. Cooper)

3 "The activity of the imagination does not resemble a static picture but rather it is closer to a kind of 'play' that includes a subtle orchestration of feelings, as well as a sense of intention and will. Imagination is thus the beginning of the entry of creative perception into the domain of the manifest. Moreover, since form is defined by proportion and ratio, the imagination must also possess these in some implicit or enfolded sense. Intuitive or perceptive reason is the act, then, of making explicit the ratio or proportion that is already implicit in creative imagination." Science, Order, and Creativity, A Dramatic New Look at the Creative Roots of Science and Life (David Bohm and F. David Peat)

4 "Imagination is a kind of 'organ of the soul' by means of which a person can establish cognitive and visionary rapport with an intermediary world, with a mesocosm – with the world which Henry Corbin proposed to call the 'mundus imaginalis'." Modern Esoteric Spirituality (Antoine Faivre and Jacob Needleman, editors)

5 "A particular image will surface in many people when that image is needed to solve a common cultural problem or give inspiration. One way to look at images is that they are the homeostatic mechanism of the universe." Seeing With the Mind's Eye (Mike Samuels, M.D. and Nancy Samuels)

6 "Mental images, attitudes, and emotions help determine sickness and well-being. Life-giving exercises of the imagination, for example, were described in Egyptian books of the dead, the Vedas, and other religious scriptures. In the Phaedrus, Phaedo, and Symposium, Plato celebrated the power of images to stimulate health. Aristotle recognized the intimate connections between mental pictures, volition, sensation, and other bodily functions…Renaissance physicians believed that images were connected to impulses that travel through the nerves from the brain, stirring up humors that lead to changes in cognitive, emotional, and somatic functioning." The Future of the Body, Explorations Into the Further Evolution of Human Nature (Michael Murphy)

7 "I am indeed convinced that creative imagination is the only primordial phenomenon accessible to us, the real Ground of the psyche." C. G. Jung: Letters, 1906-1950 (Gerhard Adler and Aniela Jaffe, editors)

8 "Humans are…beings who serve as a focus for the outworking of patterns of meaning as well as content. Sacred psychology calls for renewing our commitment to a science of the soul, in which imagining is primary." Angels and Mortals, Their Co-Creative Power (Maria Parisen, compiler)

9 "You know, the imagination is also a place of reality. That may sound ridiculous, but it is. I think the imagination is where we create the future. It's where we begin to know ourselves, and it's the place of creativity and knowledge." Terry Lynn Taylor Angels: The Mysterious Messengers (Rex Hauck, editor)

10 "Imagination is the universal and indispensable instrument of all levels of living in the human world. Our daily lives are dependent on it….In fact, the principal function of the imagination is to enable the human being constantly to build thought models of the real world." Imagination (Harold Rugg)

11 "Imagine people awakening at last, under the influence of the ever-tightening planetary embrace, to a sense of universal solidarity based on their profound community, evolutionary in its nature and purpose." Let Me Explain (Pierre Teilhard deChardin)

12 "The beginning of a cure for our ills is a revitalized imagination, one that truly recognizes that there is a sacred dimension to the everyday life that we live." Thomas Moore Angels: The Mysterious Messengers (Rex Hauck, editor)

13 "By the use of the creative imagination, the bridge between the lower aspect and higher can be built and constructed. 'As a man thinks, hopes and wills' so is he. This is a statement of an immutable fact." Esoteric Psychology II (Alice A. Bailey)

14 "Before linguistic capabilities were well developed in early humans, we already had the capacity for creativity, imagination, and problem solving….Visualization, creativity, and problem solving are all required to create tools, cooperate in the hunt, or to organize socially – all of which are developments observed in the animal behavior from which we emerged. This is clearly indicative of an inner life of significance before the linguistic period." The Way of the Explorer, An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds (Dr. Edgar Mitchell, with Dwight Williams)

15 "Man is given the gift of creative imagination and must create the vision of what must be done." The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation (The Findhorn Community)

16 "Image: A pattern of forms and figures endowed with unity and significance. It is implied in the theory of form – and is true, also of melody – that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts being, in a sense, their origin and justification…..Also to be borne in mind is the thory propounded by Sir Herbert Read in 'Icon and Idea', according to which every creation in the visual arts – and, in fact, every kind of pattern – is a form of thought and therefore corresponds to an intelligible mental concept. This leads us towards an intuition of the world as a vast repertoire of signs that await being 'read'." A Dictionary of Symbols (J. E. Cirlot)

17 "We must visualize the highest good we can imagine – peace on earth, brotherhood, a clean environment. For what we together focus on, we will create." Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium (Elizabeth Clare Prophet)

18 "Imagine God beyond all beings, yet all beings and being itself." The Center of the Cyclone: An Autobiography of Inner Space (John C. Lilly, M.D.)

19 "The word disappears, the poetry is gone, but the imaginal form persists within the mind and works on the soul." Shamanic Voices, A Survey of Visionary Narratives (Joan Halifax, Ph.D.)

20 "If we can imagine the world as God's body, we not only include all people,…we include the whole of created reality." Catharina J. M. Halkes, Dutch Feminist theologian The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

21 "The primary imagination I hold to be the living Power and prime Agent of all human Perception, and as a repetition in the finite mind of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I AM." Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), English poet and philosopher, 'Biographia Literaria', ch. 13 Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, 4th edition (Angela Partington, editor)

22 "Depth psychologists say that imagining may be a primary means of perception and the creative agency of the soul. Imagination brings together spirit and matter in new wholes which are expressed in art, poetry, religion and science. It is a valid means of visioning the inner life of things." Angels and Mortals, Their Co-Creative Power (Maria Parisen, compiler)

23 "Imagination is the mother of creativity." Rubem Alves, Brazilian philosopher The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

24 "This planet is going to make some decisions soon…..As you go about your life, for a thousand moments every day, hold this planet in your awareness. See it glowing with wonder, power, love, peace, harmony and wholeness. See it safe beyond the limitations and chaos the mind of man has created. See all the boundaries dissolving and see nothing but a sphere of energy, unified, beautiful, clear, joined, uplifted. The planet needs your help." Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream (Mary-Margaret Moore)

25 "Imagination is the instrument of discovery. The poet and the scientist agree. Discovery is conceiving in imagination, or, more succinctly, discovery IS imagined conception." Imagination (Harold Rugg)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite