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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Living Wholeness
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1 "The cosmos is ensouled….It is in The Soul, which bears it up, and shares in it wholly." Plotinus, 'The Soul' The Essential Plotinus (Translated by Elmer O'Brien, S.J.)

2 "Joyous unity of being is already there on a deeper level." Finding Deep Joy (Robert Ellwood)

3 "All of existence and consciousness is interwoven." Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Jane Roberts)

4 "There is in all things…a hidden wholeness." A Hidden Wholeness, The Journey Toward An Undivided Life (Parker J. Palmer)

5 "In a way, the world is like a multidimensional, exotic plant growing in space and time, each thought, dream, imaginative encounter, hope or fear, growing naturally into its own bloom – a plant of incredible variety, never for a moment the same, in which each smallest root, leaf, stem or flower has a part to play and is connected with the whole." The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (Jane Roberts)

6 "Jung spoke of the 'Unus mundus' and Neumann of 'Unitary Reality'. In such a biopsychic organismic system, the single personal unity is contained like a cell in an organism. It is viable functionally only by virtue of being contained in and sustained by the total system." Return of the Goddess (Edward C. Whitmont, MD)

7 "We do not have solitary beings. Every creature is, in some sense, connected to and dependent on the rest." The Lives Of A Cell: Notes of A Biology Watcher (Lewis Thomas)

8 "A mystical experience is all-embracing…It is a realization – with one's whole being – that all things are one, a universe, an organic whole into which the self fits." Mysticism, Its History and Challenge (Bruno Borchert)

9 "God is indivisibly whole, seamless in his Godhood." 'Symeon the New Theologian' (translated by Stephen Mitchell), Son of Man, The Mystical Path to Christ (Andrew Harvey)

10 "The ancient and long-obsolete idea of man as a microcosm contains a supreme psychological truth that has yet to be discovered…..An inkling of this is to be found in the words of Origen: 'Understand that thou art a second world in miniature, and that the sun and the moon are within thee, and also the stars.' (Homiliae in Leviticum)" 'Psychology of the Transference', CW 16 Basic Writings of C G Jung (V S DeLasslo, editor)

11 "Each level of the universal hierarchy of beings contains all possible reality, in each case from a different aspect." Modern Esoteric Spirituality (Antoine Faivre and Jacob Needleman, editors)

12 "A worldwide communications network now links the people of the earth in a way unimaginable one hundred years ago. And there is clear evidence of an emerging segment of society which holds a holistic vision of human nature and ways of living." Visions and Prophecies for a New Age (Mark A. Thurston, Ph.D.)

13 "We are called to be a great living cloth of gold with not only the woof going from God to man and from man to God, but also the warp going from man to man." Baron Friedrich von Hugel, 'The Mystical Element in Religion' Macmillan Dictionary of Religious Quotations (Margaret Pepper, editor)

14 "Perfect consciousness is perfect realization of the nature and relationship of parts to the fundamental unity in which they exist." Lectures on Ancient Philosophy (Manly P. Hall)

15 "In some sense or other, this community of the actualities of the world means each happening is a factor in the nature of every other happening….We are in the world and the world is in us." Alfred N. Whitehead, 'Modes of Thought', Macmillan, 1968 Spectrum of Consciousness (Ken Wilber)

16 "Wherever we see life, from bacteria to large-scale ecosystems, we observe networks with components that interact with one another in such a way that the entire network regulates and organizes itself." The Web of Life, A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems (Fritjof Capra)

17 "Light and energy and matter all over the universe are composed of moving interference patterns which literally bear the mark of all the other waves of light and energy and matter they've been in contact with, directly or indirectly. In other words, each part or instance of energy and matter encodes an image of the whole." Turbulent Mirror (John Briggs and F. David Peat)

18 "Nothing is separate, except for the 'sense' of separateness, a feeling which is readily disproven." God Is A Verb, Kabbalah and the Practice of Mystical Judaism (Rabbi David A. Cooper)

19 "The nature of life is a process of evolution in which we become progressively more whole, psychologically and spiritually." Seven Paths to God, The Ways of the Mystic (Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.)

20 "The universe exists in each of its individual atoms." H. B., anonymous author Cosmic Consciousness (Richard M Bucke)

21 "Out of all things there comes a unity, and out of a unity all things." Heraclitus Breaking the Mind Barrier (Todd Siler)

22 "The great law of Unity governs the universe." Louis Charpentier, 'The Mysteries of the Cathedral of Chartres' Divine Light and Love (Peter Roche deCoppens)

23 "The whole reflects into every part." The Glorious Presence (Ernest E. Wood)

24 "Behind all lies a biological and psychic cooperative venture." The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events (Jane Roberts)

25 "All boundaries in the material world are illusory and the entire universe as we know it, in both its spatial and temporal aspects, is a unified web of events in consciousness." The Cosmic Game, Explorations of the Frontiers of Human Consciousness (Stanislav Grof)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite