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A database of 11,000+ illuminated guiding quotations in 40 categories from 600+ inspired books by our most brilliant and influential authors.
Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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The Findhorn Garden: Pioneering a New Vision of Man and Nature in Cooperation
The Findhorn Community

1 "Man's consciousness must expand to new insights and into deeper communion with and dominion over his own nature. Out of this can come a divine power to transform our planet."

2 "Man cannot grow unless he learns to understand his oneness with his world."

3 "Every creature reacts to and acts upon its environment, for all is one."

4 "One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all life."

5 "God is within everyone, the very thing everyone lives by."

6 "I know that God is within each one of us, within everything."

7 "We are, in fact, all part of one thing, all different materializations of the one life."

8 "Man is given the gift of creative imagination and must create the vision of what must be done."

9 "God is an indwelling presence, the core of what I am and what everything is. God is life itself, speaking through all life."

10 "God is within all life."

11 "You, too, are parts of the whole – part of that clod of earth, part of that tiny flower, part of the sunshine and the rain, the light in another's eye, the warmth of another's smile."

12 "You are the gardener of your own being, the seed of your destiny."

13 "Through love we can blend with the consciousnes of a plant or with the consciousness of another human being."

14 "All living things are part of the whole, placed there by divine plan and purpose."

15 "All is one life. Play your part in making life one."

16 "Mankind has an inherent sensitivity to the needs of Earth and to the plan of God."

17 "All things are a manifestation of intelligence and all happenings are related."

18 "We share the one limitless energy that is within all life forms and actions. When we accept and acknowledge the beauty and perfection of each form this energy takes, we experience oneness."

19 "What we call opposites are only complementary parts of a greater whole."

20 "Love is the energy of acceptance that cuts through the apparent barriers and links us with every part of life."

21 "The esoteric traditions of all cultures speak of the 'withinness' of things that seeks to externalize and to fulfill itself. If we think of our planet as an organic, growing system – a living being – then it, too, has an image of fulfillment buried within its seed center, an image that is using all of nature as its means of emergence."

22 "Everything belongs to one world."

23 "Love is always the fundamental key in guiding our awareness."

24 "Broader awareness comes by recognizing our oneness with all aspects of life."

25 "All the Earth's surface is of one family, one creation, one intelligence."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite