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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Living Wholeness
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1 "Self-consciousness only comes to its true fruition and understanding when it recognises its affiliation with the Whole." The Origins of Pagan and Christian Beliefs (Edward Carpenter)

2 "To see soundly is to see whole." Creative Vision for Art and for Life (Richard Guggenheimer)

3 "He treated the microscopic scene as though it were alive and were inhabited by beings which felt and did and hoped and tried even as we do....A nerve-cell...'groped to find another'!....Listening to him I asked myself how far this capacity for anthro-pomorphizing might not contribute to his success as an investigator." Charles Sherrington, Nobel laureate, writing about Nobel laureate Santiago Ramon y Cajal Breaking the Mind Barrier (Todd Siler)

4 "In and through community lies the salvation of the world." M. Scott Peck, American psychiatrist and author The Lion Christian Quotation Collection (Hannah Ward & Jennifer Wild, compilers)

5 "To transcend mind in Spirit is not to lose mind or destroy mind but merely to include mind in the higher order wholeness of the superconscient." Ken Wilber As Above, So Below: Paths to Spiritual Renewal in Daily Life (Ronald S. Miller and the editors of New Age Journal)

6 "Our unity with the world-being is the consciousness of a Self which at one and the same time cosmicises in the world and individualizes through the individual, and both in that world-being and in this individual being and in all individual beings it is aware of the same Self manifesting and experiencing its various manifestations." A Greater Psychology, An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Psychological Thought (Sri Aurobindo, edited by A. S. Dalal)

7 "Every bit of us at every moment is part and parcel of a wider self." William James, 'A Pluralistic Universe' Saints and Madmen: Psychiatry Opens its Doors to Religion (Russell Shorto)

8 "Quantum theory reveals a basic oneness of the universe. It shows that we cannot decompose the world into independently existing smallest units. As we penetrate into matter, nature does not show us any isolated building blocks, but rather appears as a complicated web of relations between the various parts of a unified whole." Ken Wilber, 'The Holographic Paradigm', 1982 The Relevance of Bliss (Nona Coxhead)

9 "Mind does not operate as the servant of the egos of individuals, or of any situations in historical time or local space. It operates in terms of the evolution of the entire system – and in relation to the galactic whole of which this heliocosm is but a small cellular unit. It operates in terms of planetary consciousness." Occult Preparations for a New Age (Dane Rudhyar)

10 "Transitory as all phenomena are, they reflect a Mind that is eternally whole." The Flame and the Light (Hugh I'anson Fausset)

11 "Ancient psychologists taught that our own souls are inseparable from the world's soul, and that both are found in all the many things that make up nature and culture." Care of the Soul (Thomas Moore)

12 "When you go around the Earth in an hour and a half, you begin to recognize that your identity is with that whole thing. That makes a change….From where you see it, the thing is a whole, and it's so beautiful." Rusty Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

13 "According to the perennial philosophy, the re-discovery of this infinite and eternal Wholeness is men and women's single greatest need and want." The Atman Project (Ken Wilber)

14 "Subatomic particles are not 'things' that build one upon the other until they form large aggregates. Rather, they are part of a union of relations." Breaking the Mind Barrier (Todd Siler)

15 "The Sublime Whole is in constant motion whether as a whole or as its individual life force pieces. In other words, as 'God the actualized concept' or as 'God the actualized spirit within the human', all of our lives move toward a perfect reunion." Agartha: The Essential Guide to Personal Transformation in the New Era (Meredith L. Young)

16 "All is contained in All. And All is One." The History of Magic and the Occult (Kurt Seligmann)

17 "The soul is group-conscious." Regents of the Seven Spheres (H. K. Challoner)

18 "All That Is is alive within the least of Itself….It endows all of Its creations with Its own abilities that then act as inspiration, impetus, guiding lines and principles, by which these parts then seek to further create themselves." Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul (Jane Roberts)

19 "We are all interdependent." Shadows of the Sacred: Seeing Through Spiritual Illusions (Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.)

20 "The sacred, at the core of all physical things, expresses itself in patterns of the Web of Life of the Earth. These patterns are a part of that living bible of the Earth." One Spirit, Many Peoples, A Manifesto for Earth Spirituality (Stephen Harrod Buhner)

21 "We carry within us an intimation of a whole Self…that draws us toward a richer, fuller life." Mirrors of The Self, Archetypal Images That Shape Your Life (Christine Downing, editor)

22 "Support for the concept of interrelatedness is emerging from all sides. This idea, strange and foreign a hundred years ago, is becoming more and more important in modern thought." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

23 "The great unitary vision of the Vedic sage made him capable of conceiving a oneness to which all aspects converged; all things, working toward greater harmony of the whole." Jeanine Miller, 'The Relevance of the Vedas to Modern Man' The American Theosophist (various)

24 "The universe is one, infinite…There is no proportionate part, nor part at all, which differs from the whole." Giordano Bruno, 'De la Causa', Dialogue 5 Ethics (Benedict Spinoza)

25 "Each part of our planet is related to every other part." A God Within (Rene Dubos)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite