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Mysticism and Ecumenism
Robley Edward Whitson
An anthology of key texts from a variety of spiritual traditions, which richly convey how common is our search for the sacred.

1 "God is Love. Love is One. One is All."

2 "In its deepest significance love is a state of oneness or union with another."

3 "And at last I searched within, and I saw that God is still more interior to me than myself." St. Bernard of Clairvaux, 'Canticle of Canticles', 74:5

4 "I was so penetrated with a knowledge of eternal things that I wondered how I had ever needed to reason about them since they are as intimately present as a man is to himself." St. Augustine, 'Letter to Nebridius', 4:2

5 "There is remarkable agreement found among mystics of widely varying religious traditions."

6 "If a man lives a hundred years and engages the whole of his time and attention in religious offerings to the gods….all this is not equal to one act of pure love." 'Fa-Kheu-King-Tsu', VII

7 "We pray: asking, thanking, sorrowing, adoring – whatever the confrontation which living demands of us at the moment. But there is only one meaning to our prayer: the affirmation of the unity we have and seek in love."

8 "Wherever you turn yourselves to pray, there is the Face of Allah." Quran, 2:109

9 "With hands stretched out in prayer for support, O Wise One with Righteousness, I will ask of you the acts of the Holy Spirit, that I may satisfy the will of Good Mind." The Hymns of Zarathustra

10 "God is the only source of reality, and to reject this One-All is to reject one's selfhood."

11 "God is Love because He is completely One, Oneness Itself."

12 "God is Love. Love is unity."

13 "God is absolutely One – in fact, Oneness."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite