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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "Archetypal ideas are part of the indestructible foundations of the human mind. However long they are forgotten and buried, always they return….continually reproducing themselves in new forms representing the timeless truths that are innate in man's nature."

2 "There is indeed a unity of God and man; God himself creates it." Karl Barth, 'Credo'

3 "A knowledge of mythology is needed in order to grasp the meaning of a content deriving from the deeper levels of the psyche." 'The Structure of the Psyche'

4 "There was a time when the utterances of mythology were entirely original, when they were numinous experiences, and anyone who takes the trouble can observe these subjective experiences even today."

5 "Nowhere are we closer to the sublime secret of all origination than in the recognition of our own selves, whom we always think we know already. Yet we know the immensities of space better than we know our own depths, where – even though we do not understand it – we can listen directly to the throb of creation itself." 'Analytical Psychology and Weltanschauung'

6 "All pristine things…have a touching, magical beauty, for in its nascent state each thing after its kind is the most precious, the most desirable, the tenderest thing in the world, being a reflection of the infinite love and goodness of the Creator."

7 "To know where the other person makes a mistake is of little value. It only becomes interesting when you know where YOU make the mistake, for then you can do something about it."

8 "Christ did not merely symbolize wholeness, but, as a psychic phenomenon, he was wholeness." 'Aion'

9 "The drama of the archetypal life of Christ describes in symbolic images the events in the conscious life - as well as in the life that transcends consciousness - of a man who has been transformed by his higher destiny." 'A Psychological Approach to the Trinity'

10 "If the life-mass is to be transformed a 'circumambulatio' is necessary, that is, exclusive concentration on the centre, the place of creative change." 'Psychology and Alchemy'

11 “For the One is the whole;…because of the One everything is.” Barnaud

12 “Pelagios asks: ‘Why speak ye of the manifold matter? The substance of natural things is one.’”

13 “There is in fact one substance in which everything is contained.” ‘VIII Exercitatio in Turbam’

14 "The way in which man inwardly pictures the world is still, despite all differences of detail, as uniform and as regular as his instinctive actions."

15 "No man lives within his own psychic sphere like a snail in its shell, separated from everybody else, but is connected with his fellow-men by his unconscious humanity."

16 " a function of the human soul, as old as humanity itself. Morality is not imposed from outside; we have it in ourselves from the start."

17 "Every tension of opposites culminates in a release, out of which comes the 'third'. In the third, the tension is resolved and the lost unity is restored."

18 "The unconscious, as the totality of all archetypes, is the deposit of all human experience right back to its remotest beginnings. Not, indeed, a dead deposit, a sort of abandoned rubbish-heap, but a living system of reactions and aptitudes that determine the individual's life in invisible ways."

19 "This idea of immortality of the individual and of his imperishable worth can be found on the earliest archaic levels."

20 "The God-image is within….Where the understanding is, where the mind is, where the power of investigating truth is, there God has his image.' St. Augustine, 'Enarrationes in Psalmos', XLVIII, Sermo II"

21 "God has expressed himself in many languages and appeared in divers forms."

22 "The all-powerful God….is in every one of us."

23 “For the alchemists the world was an image and symbol of God.”

24 "He [Christ] reigns and rules over all things in equal power and glory (Ps. 8), and by his most powerful word preserveth and upholdeth all things (Hebr. 1) and maketh all things one (Acts 17)." 'Aquarium sapientium'

25 "In the last analysis every life is the realization of a whole, that is, of a self."

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