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Collected Works
Carl Jung

1 "Every advance, every conceptual achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self-awareness." 'General Aspects of Dream Psychology'

2 "The fact is that with the knowledge and actual experience of these inner images [archetypes] a way is opened for reason and feeling to gain access to those other images which the teachings of religion offer to mankind."

3 "Beauty, greatness, and holiness…are vital realities without which human existence would be superlatively stupid."

4 "Though there is only ONE truth it speaks in many tongues."

5 "What happens in the life of Christ happens always and everywhere. Christ himself is the typical dying and self-transforming God." Psychology and Religion

6 "The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage of mankind's evolution, born anew in the brain structure of every individual." 'The Structure of the Psyche'

7 "We understand another person in the same way as we understand, or seek to understand, ourselves."

8 "We must awaken our innermost wisdom, pure and divine, called the Mind of Buddha…It is the divine light, the inner heaven, the key to all moral treasures, the centre of thought and consciousness,..the seat of kindness, justice, sympathy, impartial love, humanity, and mercy, the measure of all things. When this innermost wisdom is fully awakened, we are able to realize that each and every one of us is identical in spirit, in essence, in nature with the universal life." Kaiten Nukariya, professor at the So-To-shu Buddhist College in Tokyo

9 "Wholeness wants to be transformed from a latent state of unconsciousness into an approximate consciousness of itself."

10 “Caesarius of Heisterbach says that the soul has a ‘spherical nature.’”

11 "The soul is a spiritual substance of spherical nature, like the globe of the moon, or like a glass vessel that is furnished before and behind with eyes and sees the whole universe." Caesarius of Heisterbach, medieval Alchemist, 'Dialogus miraculorum', Dist. IV, ch. xxxix

12 "Old Heraclitus, who was indeed a very great sage, discovered the most marvelous of all psychological laws: the regulative function of opposites. He called it 'enantiodromia', a running contrariwise, by which he meant that sooner or later everything runs into its opposite."

13 "Let now the savage instincts sleep and all the violence they do; when human love stirs in the deep, the love of God is stirring too." Goethe, 'Faust'

14 "God is a psychic fact of immediate experience, otherwise there would never have been any talk of God."

15 “And behold it is One thing, One root, One essence with nothing extraneous added.” Nicolaus Melchior, chaplain at King Louis II’s court, 1490-1516

16 "In Hermetic philosophy the arcane substance has a 'thousand names', but essentially it consists of the One and Only (i.e., God)."

17 “The forms which experience takes in each individual may be infinite in their variations, but they are all variants of certain central types, and these occur universally. They are the primordial images, from which the religions each draw their absolute truth.”

18 “Pelagios asks: ‘Why speak ye of the manifold matter? The substance of natural things is one.’”

19 "Do you wish to see the transfigured Christ? Ascend that mountain and learn to know yourself." Richard of St. Victor, 'Benjamin Minor', cols. 53-56

20 "Although 'wholeness' seems at first sight to be nothing but an abstract idea, it is nevertheless empirical in so far as it is anticipated by the psyche in the form of spontaneous or autonomous symbols. These are the quaternity or mandala symbols, which occur not only in the dreams of modern people who have never heard of them, but are widely disseminated in the historical records of many peoples and many epochs. Their significance as symbols of unity and totality is amply confirmed by history as well as by empirical psychology. What at first looks like an abstract idea stands in reality for something that exists and can be experienced, that demonstrates its a priori presence spontaneously."

21 "As the medical lore of the ancient Egyptians shows, myths as well as rites have a psychotherapeutic value, and they still have today."

22 "The collective unconscious…is identical in all individuals and is therefore ONE."

23 "The unconscious, as the totality of all archetypes, is the deposit of all human experience right back to its remotest beginnings. Not, indeed, a dead deposit, a sort of abandoned rubbish-heap, but a living system of reactions and aptitudes that determine the individual's life in invisible ways."

24 "The mandala…portrays an autonomous psychic fact, characterized by a phenomenology which is always repeating itself and is everywhere the same. It seems to be a sort of atomic nucleus."

25 "Had there not been an affinity - magnet! - between the figure of the Redeemer and certain contents of the unconscious, the human mind would never have been able to perceive the light shining in Christ and seize upon it so passionately." 'Aion'

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