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Reincarnation: A Hope of the World
Irving S. Cooper

1 "There is a moral purpose in evolution."

2 "We feel instinctively that there must be Divinity at the back of all things and all events."

3 "We ought to be aflame with the ideal of human service, and regard every faculty and power we possess as hard-earned wealth to be used for the helping of others."

4 "Divine Love is the matrix in which the universe in embedded."

5 "Within each soul infinity lies hidden."

6 "We are one with all living beings."

7 "Every living thing – atom, microbe, plant, bird, animal, man, superman, or angel – receives just those experiences which are needed to insure its next step forward in evolution."

8 "Divine Wisdom guides the vibration of every atom as well as the swing of the planets, the life of the least of us as well as the destinies of nations."

9 "In a sense each human being is the center of the universe, for God lives equally in all."

10 "The glorious imagery of the gifted artist, the divine harmonies of the inspired musician, the keen mentality and patience of the scientist, the profundity of the philosopher, the wisdom of the born teacher – all these powers, and many more, lie hidden within us awaiting the time when we shall arouse them with the magic of the will."

11 "In order to endure, society must be built upon a solid foundation of Brotherhood."

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