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Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your Soul
Caroline Myss
Using St. Teresa of Avila's imagery of the Soul as an interior castle, the author guides us from room to room of this inner castle, preparing us for the ultimate encounter with God and our own divinity.

1 "You are more infinitely beautiful than you can imagine, and more infinitely gifted and blessed than words can describe."

2 "Always, beyond the darkness, God's greater plan is in motion. That is the truth you need to trust."

3 "Do not presume that your prayers are not answered, because they are. It is up to you to receive and listen. Practice silence and contemplation as a means of continually attuning to the one clear voice of the divine that is present within your soul."

4 "The world is not in the hands of greedy politicians or terrorists or corporate moguls or fundamentalists praying for Armageddon. The world is in the hands of God."

5 "Spiritual sweetness flows eternally from a divine source, requiring no human engineering. The water is abundant and endlessly fills the basin – meaning you."

6 "You have a biological and spiritual need to experience the awe of the sacred."

7 "You are never without divine guidance; you are never outside the orbit of divine sight."

8 "You are a container for God in this world."

9 "Your link to the divine cannot be broken….it is a sealed, eternal bond."

10 "The divine is always present – always."

11 "We want to touch the sacred and feel its energy, to connect to it personally and to connect to it through our purpose. The divine calls to us through places, actions, and objects, constantly seducing us."

12 "I believe that the divine is everywhere and exists within even the most intimate details of our lives."

13 "Prayer is your way through darkness, prayer is your way into the light, prayer is your way to maintain your field of grace."

14 "The human soul is indeed made in the image and likeness of God."

15 "Heaven has a design and plan far greater than what can be shown to any human being. All that is within the vast scope of creation has a purpose known to God, including each human life."

16 "There is a divine purpose that moves in tandem with every event in your life."

17 "This infinite and eternal self is the home of spirit in you and in each and every sentient being."

18 "So seamlessly does the world, sacred and profane, arise in one piece that I can find no boundary – anywhere in the entire universe." Ken Wilber, Foreword

19 "We have been secretly fed from beyond space and time. That's why we look for something more than this." Rumi, 'The Soul of Rumi'

20 "The human soul is the essence of divinity itself."

21 "The overall number of inner selves is but one." Ken Wilber, Foreword

22 "Every second offers a choice either to channel grace or to withhold it."

23 "The choices you make are always and only motivated by either faith or fear."

24 "You are watched over and guided down to the smallest detail of your life."

25 "The true self is aware of this ever-present, never-ending, eternal moment, through which all time passes." Ken Wilber, Foreword

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite