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The Flowering Tree
Gladys V. Jones
Symbolical interpretations of life experiences based on the Perennial Philosophy.

1 "In your soul you can see the beauty of your life and hear new sounds, and through your soul you can always be renewed."

2 "The secret of getting along with others is to ignore their human imperfections and blend with their perfected soul natures, where the best in everyone is to be found."

3 "There is so much more to you than you bring to the surface, so much more than you utilize for yourself in this life."

4 "Religious and esoteric truths of other times have been implanted in the subconsciousness of all peoples, and the individual souls of all still retain impressions of them."

5 "Man should be fully aware of and respect and venerate the understanding, powers and wisdom of the illumined sages, holy beings, and the Creator."

6 "Continue to unfold in love, believe in love, give of the inner self to love; eventually you will reach that level where all is expressed and experienced in fullness."

7 "In man's long earthly evolution of thousands of years, he has had countless religious and spiritual experiences. They are hidden in the recesses of his soul so that he responds consciously or subconsciously to spiritual truths."

8 "Trying and struggling is a special kind of initiatory testing to help you acquire the mellowness and renunciatory qualities so necessary to the life of the soul."

9 "The oldest, the most profound, the most universal of all symbols is the human body." Manly P. Hall, 'Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy'

10 "Each individual will attain his own perfection."

11 "The action, course and quality of earthly events are based upon the operation of a law of Divine justice;…for as Gautama Buddha said: 'Effect follows cause as the wheels of the cart follow the foot of the oxen.'"

12 "Humanity's universal, spiritual nature is incorruptible and eternal."

13 "There is every reason to have faith in the rightness of things…this quality of faith is like a steady inner essence which is never diminished within the soul."

14 "Symbolic language is language in which the world outside is a symbol of the world inside, a symbol for our souls and minds." Erich Fromm, 'The Forgotten Language'

15 "The entire world is awakening and moving forward…in evolutionary growth."

16 "When you blend with the glorious, wise soul-nature of each one, you build the best possible bond between them and you."

17 "Wisdom is the end and aim of the soul's quest."

18 "One cannot have a full life unless one feels love towards life."

19 "The psyche of all is rich with the memorabilia of other times."

20 "Polarity is a play of opposites which forces man to make a choice in his acting, handling and attitude. He may emphasize either the negative aspect and know pain or the positive and live above pain."

21 "In mystical philosophy the true cause of all existence is held to be God, the Supreme Being and the Creator, the First and Last Cause from which nothing can be excluded, and to which nothing can be added."

22 "Ancient literature aimed at something universal. It strove to depict in the myths and dramas the eternal norms of life experience, which would stand as truth for all at any time in evoltuion…Only in aeons will history have caught up with the myth." Alvin Boyd Kuhn, 'The Lost Light'

23 "In the face of all the evidence of universal planning, from the infinitesimal detail of a cell to the vastness of planetary schemes, it would seem irreconcilably unjust if the life of man were not also planned and charted."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite