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Summons to Life, Contemporary Christian Insights
Martin Israel

1 "The unique identity of each person (and created object) is never impugned or obliterated. On the contrary, it is confirmed and glorified in the eternal presence of which it is both an integral part and a universal whole."

2 "God is defined as that which is."

3 "All creatures live in psychic communion."

4 "Love is the most exalted knowledge, for it is unitive."

5 "Growth into the fullness of life is a graduated exploration into the meaning and power of love."

6 "There is one God, and all are embraced in Him and infused in Him."

7 "The cosmic dimension of divine love is transpersonal, but never impersonal. Transpersonal love never denies the unique nature of any creature, but loves all creatures equally."

8 "Prayer is as necessary for the soul as air is for the body. The fruit of prayer is vision; the action of prayer is love."

9 "This is the splendid vision of the mystic, that God is in all His creation, and we, in union with Him, can participate in the transfiguration of matter."

10 "Interpenetrating and transcending the world of phenomenal life there is an order of being that both sustains life and draws it to its final destination. The order of being of which I speak is all-embracing, having no finite parts, and neither beginning nor end. It embraces every created object."

11 "The great discovery that lies in promise for us all is the realisation of our true identity, that within each of us which is authentic."

12 "Love is the keystone of the arch that joins the soul to God….in its working lies the meaning and destiny of all created things."

13 "When we know ourselves we begin to live with meaning and purpose. The world expands, and our hearts respond in joyful radiance. This is the life abundant which alone is worth having."

14 "Each kindly action changes the perspectives of those in contact with us, and so starts a chain reaction that culminates in a change of heart of many people."

15 "In the incarnation of Christ we see the coincidence of the human and the divine wills, separate yet united. And this is the promise for all mankind as it partakes fully of the divine nature deeply ingrained in it."

16 "In or through His Spirit, God makes His immanence, or indwelling nature, known to us."

17 "Faith is implanted in the spirit of man."

18 "God reveals Himself to us in all guises provided we have the courtesy to pay attention."

19 "In the spiritual life you are confronted by a psychoanalyst who is your own soul guided by the Holy Spirit. When we are most abject we are also most receptive to divine grace."

20 "Love makes no demands, neither does it look for results. It is unaware of itself in its concern for the other, and its recompense is helping the beloved to be more fully himself."

21 "We know most of God when we know ourselves best. It is the movement towards self-knowledge that brings us towards a knowledge of life."

22 "In real love, the centre of our being is no longer rooted in the personal self but in the soul, which is in eternal communion, through the spirit, with all other souls and with God."

23 "In the mad rush for security and peace, there is too often an escape from the person to an outer world of authority, where responsibility may be laid at the door of someone else. Yet there can be no peace that does not come from the depths of our own being, no security that does not arise from the love within, and no knowledge that does not proclaim the unity of the person in the greater community of creation."

24 "When the awareness of the mind transcends the isolation of the personal self, it establishes an intimate relationship with the other, so that it is no longer merely a subject-object communication. This communication is one in which perceiver and perceived, thinker and thought, subject and object are united into a single all-pervading reality in which duality, or separation, is lost."

25 "This is the deeper significance of the evolutionary process, that the human creature might re-establish communion with the Creator as a fully responsible agent infused with the power of God."

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