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To Hear the Angels Sing
Dorothy Maclean
The simple, yet profound, wisdom in this book quickens an awareness of our birthright as conscious partners with all the evolutionary streams of life.

1 "There are vast ranges of consciousness all stemming from the One, the One who is this consciousness in all of us and whose plan it is that all parts of life become more aware of each other and more united in the great forward movement which is life, all life, becoming greater consciousness."

2 "Use the mighty gift of the pairs of opposites to find oneness, to rise, and turn to what you are."

3 "As we realize our basic oneness with all life, we appreciate our differences more."

4 "The essence of life, no matter what its consciousness, is love; and therefore life becomes more perfectly itself when surrounded by love. This is true of all kingdoms, and humanity's greatest contribution to life on the planet is consciously to love, and so to bring health, vigour and beauty to life."

5 "We all move as one, and let us priase life that it is so."

6 "God is the essence of everything."

7 "A Christ-illumined being is one who is conscious of the divinity in all things and thinks, feels and acts from that centre of wholeness."

8 "Accept Oneness and rejoice. Bring Oneness and communion with all things into all of your life. Grow. It is a natural growth at this time."

9 "All is one life."

10 "The need of the world is for a conscious turning to God, to know that there is one life from One Source."

11 "It is the purpose of life to be fully manifesting on the outer levels, and fully united and conscious of Oneness at the same time. That is reality. One life breathes through all. Reverence all life, for it is part of you and you are part of it."

12 "All around you, in every bit of matter, is what has come from, is, and leads to the only One, and within you is the consciousness that can know and express this."

13 "We are all part of one life, no higher or lower. Praise God forever in the vastness of all life."

14 "All is part of the whole, and all has purpose and meaning."

15 "If one suffers, the whole consciousness of the Earth partakes of that, and when one rejoices, the whole consciousness knows and rejoices."

16 "Life is ever brighter, flowing, creative, blooming, waxing and waning, eternally one."

17 "We are all part of life and each of us has a responsibility to act from wholeness."

18 "Every point in the cosmos can be considered its centre."

19 "It is one world, one work, one cause under God being expressed through different channels. Rejoice and let the plan unfold."

20 "Nature is not composed of building blocks, but is a complicated web of relationships. Subatomic particles are not things, but interactions."

21 "There is much talk of unity. Love brings life and reality to the talk. All sense of strain or limitation goes when you love. You need no knowledge, which often separates you from life. You need no special training; life itself is the training which brings you to love."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite