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Lectures on Ancient Philosophy
Manly P. Hall

1 “The One Supreme Power manifesting throughout the cosmic organism should be considered as manifesting through all created things.”

2 "The sum of all individual minds is the one Universal Mind, so that in the last analysis, gods, men, and worlds are each fragments of the whole."

3 “Humanity possesses the power to interpret the whole and can actually come to realize its kinship with all.”

4 “The sure and eternal path winds through the illusion and leads ultimately to the attainment of perfect good.”

5 “A growing tree increases from a single shoot to a miracle of branches and foliage, yet nowhere is there any inconsistency or contradiction in the process…From the first quickening of its seed the tree moves inevitably toward a single end. This perfect cooperation of parts demonstrates the exactness of the power that willed it into being.”

6 “The establishment of the mind in wholes (unities) is essential to right thinking.”

7 "Man, gazing into the eyes of man, beholds therein his Maker. His Creator sings to him with the voice of the wilderness, and descends upon him from the stars that spangle the heavens by night."

8 "The glorious Universal Self is the One who is in all, the All which is in each."

9 "The Beautiful is an eternal flow; it is the One in motion."

10 “The soul naturally desires the adornment of wholeness.”

11 “When we adore the God of harmony, we shall know the inner mystery of life.”

12 "Unborn and undying, the Self is neither old nor young. Its condition never changes; for though all things pass away, it endures. It is wholeness."

13 “Perfect rhythms stream continually from the splendor of Abiding Destiny.”

14 “It is predestined that the Golden Age shall come again; that men shall live together in love and understanding, and the earth shall become once more a garden of surpassing beauty as it was in the beginning.”

15 “The law of the soul is love.”

16 “Every substance, object, element, and agent in the universe is capable of instructing us in those phases of divine order which are involved in its own constitution.”

17 “Plato maintained that the One is All-Being.”

18 "The quest of the truly beautiful is identical with the quest of Self, for Self in its perfect and universalized sense – the all-pervading Consciousness – is the perfect source of all beauty."

19 "Perfect consciousness is perfect realization of the nature and relationship of parts to the fundamental unity in which they exist."

20 "In addition to the properties of length, breadth, and thickness, every object has also a quality extension toward the nature of perfect Good."

21 “All is in All; All is All.” Rosicrucian saying

22 "The rational soul is necessarily unselfish because it conceives self to be distributed throughout the entire substance of Being."

23 "The gospel of tomorrow will be a gospel of one being."

24 "Intelligence exists in every department of creation. The entire universe is controlled by definite laws that evidence the omniscience of the Eternal Thinker."

25 “All are embraced within the span of the eternal philosophic NOW.”

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