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Lectures on Ancient Philosophy
Manly P. Hall

1 “Man is eternally bound by his innate Reality to the Absolute, which is the fullness of Reality.”

2 “Humanity is the microcosm, or little universe – the miniature creation in whose composite nature are epitomized the varius orders of life.”

3 “Brotherhood extends to all corners of the earth, including all races and species without distinction.”

4 "The new message is the gospel of identity. It is not an effort to unite lives in a common interest, but a recognition of the fact that all forms are but manifestations of one indivisible agent….Indissoluble unity is fundamental throughout the universe."

5 “The law of the soul is love.”

6 “He who becomes luminous shines not with a separate light but rather is merged with the one light whose radiance is diffused throughout all worlds.”

7 “Every substance, object, element, and agent in the universe is capable of instructing us in those phases of divine order which are involved in its own constitution.”

8 "The quest of the truly beautiful is identical with the quest of Self, for Self in its perfect and universalized sense – the all-pervading Consciousness – is the perfect source of all beauty."

9 “Good continually inclines toward unity or wholeness.”

10 “Having ultimately attained through right thinking, right feeling, and right living to the condition of the beautiful within ourselves, with enraptured vision we can respond in perfect measure to the eternal beauty which flows from the inexhaustible fountain of the one Good.”

11 "We are destined by Eternal Providence to become the fullness of ourselves….we shall find perfection in the consummation of the destiny for which we were first conceived."

12 “All things are one in essence.”

13 “There is but one spirit in the universe….there is but one consciousness.”

14 “As each age comes into manifestation it brings with it a definite philosophic revelation designed to solve the problems peculiar to that age.”

15 "Mankind may be considered as a vast organism with one Spirit or Self manifesting through an infinite number of organisms."

16 “The One and Undivided is the very foundation of manifested existence.”

17 "Slayer and savior alike are marching on through the ages toward inevitable perfection."

18 “Plato maintained that the One is All-Being.”

19 “The soul naturally desires the adornment of wholeness.”

20 “To Be is to be immortal, for that which has been can never utterly cease.”

21 “God is all there is….God is the heavens and the earth, and all the creatures that inhabit them.” Anonymous East Indian sage

22 "Unborn and undying, the Self is neither old nor young. Its condition never changes; for though all things pass away, it endures. It is wholeness."

23 “Beauty is in the human soul, lifting us upward to ever nobler vistas of endeavor.”

24 “Think of religion as the universal adoration of creative principles common to all humanity.”

25 “That sages, widely separated geographically and with diverse environments and temperaments, should arrive at the same general conclusions attests the accuracy of their findings.”

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