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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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1 "All the breathing, the pulses, the rhythms and movements of the natural world on earth or in astronomical spaces are variations of the one universal pulse, which gives rise to them." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

2 "The One Force, the All-Powerful Source of existence and the prime mover of the activities and motions of beings…is inside each being." Amadou Hampate Ba, 'Aspects de la civilisation africaine' The Way of The Earth, Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought (T. C. McLuhan)

3 "Everything is to be experienced as an epiphany of the One Holy Power." The Flight of the Wild Gander (Joseph Campbell)

4 "The Wisdom Tradition holds that there is but one inexhaustible source of reality from which all things come and apart from which nothing is." John Algeo, 'Dark Angels' Angels and Mortals, Their Co-Creative Power (Maria Parisen, compiler)

5 "The universe and we are one. There is but one life." Wind of the Spirit (G. dePurucker)

6 "Wherever you are in consciousness at this moment, know that you are one with every other soul." The Human Aura (Kuthumi and Djwal Kul)

7 "Within-ness and without-ness use both infinite, but also one." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

8 "One thing is sure – all is one; the world, mind and all." The Glorious Presence (Ernest E. Wood)

9 "Between the two (objective/subjective) is ONE, greater than either separately, and the Source of both." The Child Within Us Lives!, A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics (William Samuel)

10 "The eternal Oneness underlies and permeates all impermanent phenomena." Making Peace With God, A Practical Guide (Harold Bloomfield, M.D. & Philip Goldberg, Ph.D.)

11 “Lead us, Shepherd of the sheep, reason-gifted, holy One.” Clement of Alexandria (ca. 150-215 ad), head of the Alexandrian catechetic school The Soul Afire, Revelations of the Mystics (H. A. Reinhold, editor)

12 "We move toward that consciousness of our shared destiny in One World." Joy Mills, foreword The Transforming Mind (Laurence and Phoebe Bendit)

13 "The beatific vision is the sight of the one life in everything, and all things as expressions of that life." The Spiritual Life (Annie Besant)

14 "Spirit is One, but within that essential unity the points of fire, the divine sparks, can be seen and noted." Esoteric Psychology I (Alice A. Bailey)

15 "As you work or play or walk down the street, essentially you are the Atman – God, Brahman, the Essence of the Universe – replete with being-knowledge-joy, birthless and deathless, unconditioned by space, time, or motion. You are a role the universe is playing, and you are also the One who is playing this and all other roles. You are one and the One." Finding Deep Joy (Robert Ellwood)

16 "By discovering who you are, you will see the beauty, the holiness, and the eternity in others. In eternity, there is truly no other. There is only One Life in which everything is related to everything else." " A Course in Miracles - A Gift For All Mankind (Tara Singh)

17 "All are one. Minerals, plants, animals, men, supermen, angels, archangels, worlds, suns, stars and galaxies – all are one, inseparably united……This is the sublime truth, the Master fact – all are one." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

18 "The memory of oceanic Oneness is part of our soul's code. It is buried deep in our awareness; our very brains are programmed to reclaim it." Making Peace With God, A Practical Guide (Harold Bloomfield, M.D. & Philip Goldberg, Ph.D.)

19 "In the midst of the whirling and changing worlds, we are ever rooted in the One, our deepest center of consciousness grounded in that unchanging, eternal background." Ancient Wisdom, Modern Insight (Shirley Nicholson)

20 "The one eternal soul with one eternal consciousness is a fundamental reality." The Spiritual Universe (Fred Alan Wolf, Ph. D.)

21 "There is but one Governor of the world, as there is but one Architect and one Creator." My Way of Life, The Summa Simplified for Everyone (Walter Farrell and Martin J. Healy)

22 "All creatures…issue from the one life-reservoir and are sustained on their various planes, whether heavenly or earthbound, by the one life-energy." Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization (Heinrich Zimmer, edited by Joseph Campbell)

23 "All manifested divine Power, Life and Consciousness, and so all human Spirits, radiate from the One Source." Basic Theosophy (Geoffrey Hodson)

24 “Everything divided and different belongs to one and the same world, which is a postulate whose probability is vouched for by the fact that until now no one has been able to discover a world in which the known laws of nature are invalid.” Collected Works (Carl Jung)

25 "There is one God who created and framed all things…into a being." The Second Book of Hermas, Command I, v. 1 The Lost Books of The Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden (various)

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite