Phoenix AZ USA 85202
URL 1: http://www.drbennett.2ya.com
URL 2: http://www.angelfire.com/goth2/drbennett/index.html
Email subscription: No
Faith: Light Worker
UCS Member since: 3/3/2007
Last login: 3/10/2007
Last update: 3/3/2007

Personal Introduction

I am a Lightworker under the Order of Metatron (Melchezidek) re-incarnated on Earth to integrate the Positive Polarity of Light Energy into the inhabitants of Earth. Peace and Love I bring with me and give to you*

After going through a "Dark Night Of The Soul" several times, I came to a realization that we are All One-- there is no real separation between anyone, except for our pre-conceived ideas and mind-sets we have adopted from childhood or past lives. I am open to new revelations and ideas. I want to learn more from us All.

I am the author of 2 books, 7 Steps To Enlightenment and The Gods Of This World. Continuing my journey here on Earth as a Lightworker*

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