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London East Finchley United Kingdom N2 0UY
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Faith: Multifaith
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Personal Introduction
Hi My name is Richard Askew, I Run a Multi-Faith meet-up group in the UK, I attend many different Churches/Temples including Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Spiritual. I spend much of my time reading and studying religious text from the Gita to the Bible and see Gods wisdom in them all. May you all be Happy, Healthy and Wise.

Greetings.... I'm a Happily married father of 4 Great kids, I'm a retired Mixed martial-Artist and Weight-Lifter who spends much of my time reading and researching religious text to help me and my family to gain truth and understanding.

I have great hopes and future vision for the Human races next steps in evolution both phsically and spiritually.

I look forward to a time of Peace and enlightenment when we break the bonds of Technology and Ego.

May everyone become Happy, Healthy and Wise.

- Reading religious text
- Fundraising
- teaching Self-Defence without harm
- Cooking
- Drawing and Painting
- Nature and Wildlife

- I enjoy studying religious text and world mythology from the Bhagavad Gita & the Bible to native customs and traditions. I also enjoy visiting various churches and temples.
- I enjoy Science Fiction and Fantasy Films and Books....Terry Pratchett is my favourite author.
- I enjoy Painting and drawing Wildlife, esspecially Birds.
- I love to cook and bake... Chocolate cakes are a speciality.

- To Meditate and study more to create greater understanding and self realizations.
- To show my wife I love her more each day.
- To raise my children well and to help them to understand there is always more in this world to see and learn, and to teach them that the meaning of life is to live a meaningful life.
- To do more for the world and it's communities.

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