Senthil Kumarathevan


United Kingdom
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Faith: Hindu
UCS Member since: 8/28/2002
Last login: 11/25/2007
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Personal Introduction
I work as an IT Manager for an Internet and Media Company. My main interest are in Music and Contemplation / Meditation.

I also like to read and contemplate on the teachings or biographies of great teachers, saints, avathar's and meditate or at least concentrate for now on the jyothi flame (light) and all it represents.

I believe whole heartedly on the Brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God in the Spiritual sense - as one beloved teacher said: "waves are many ocean is ONE, jewels are many GOLD is ONE, clouds are many Sky is ONE and forms are many but GOD is ONE".

Although a hindu by birth I beleive in the true purpose of all the major religions of the world and have complete respect for all. I beleive it is good to be born in a temple, church, mosque etc... but bad to die in one. Meaning these stepping stones are there to help and guide you to God Realisation and not to tie and bind you to its ritualistic practices or ideology. To go beyond the body and mind and live, be and become the Divine (not the form) here and now.

For the future, I look forward to an explosion of the higher conciousness throughout the world. It is said it is compared to the atom bomb. It takes only a few particles to start vibrating, the vibrating particle hits it's closest neighbour, it in turn hits its neighbour and so on until enough are vibrating to induce the explosion. - Living is so much nicer when it is in harmony with everything.

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