Alan Boycott


United Kingdom
Email subscription: No
Faith: Latter-Day Saint
Profession: Graphic Designer
Organization: Government
UCS Member since: 7/24/2000
Last login: 2/20/2006
Last update: 11/4/2005

Personal Introduction
I am a member of a Christian movement that is not regarded as mainstream, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am regarded by mainstream Christians as heretical and therefore excluded from their acts of communion. I do consider myself to be a Christian and that is what is important. However, I do not believe that the Bible is the complete word of God as I also believe that God speaks to me via the Holy Spirit and through anointed individuals called from amongst the faithful, namely, Prophets and Apostles.

I am married with children. I enjoy reading literature and biography. I believe every person has individual worth regardless of belief, gender, race or sexuality, and all are divine entities who are in need of perfecting.

I hope to meet individuals who believe as I do that the Holy Spirit is the only true pastor and that the Kingdom of God is a single place for the gathering of both a physical and spiritual organisation that cannot be numbered.

I believe that the second coming of Christ is imminant and that this world with all its error and evil will soon be disolved.

I am not interested in offering a defense of my beliefs but I am willing to learn about what others believe to be true and share what I believe to be true and how this knowledge will ultimately unite the world and redeem the dead.

- Classical music and the visual arts. I am particularly interested in the music of the 20 century, particularly that composed before world war two.
- Roman Catholic theology.
- The books of Dostoevsky.

- There is only ONE God who is the Father of us all therefore is is my goal to see in every person the likeness of God and to develop within myself a reflection of Jesus Christ who is God's only true Son.
- To work towards building the Kingdom of God on Earth.
- To work toward establshing universal peace and unity by sacrificing on the alter selfish pride and personal ambition.
- To live in obedience to the Laws and Commandments of God as they are revealed to me through the Holy Spirit.

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