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What is a LightWeaver?

We believe that the spiritual transformation of global culture can arise through a cooperative network system
that brings together into one linked context the highest insights of all religions
and coordinates the participation of millions of people.
- UCS Lightweaver's Credo -
Welcome to United Communities of Spirit

United Communities of Spirit is a global interfaith network, linking people of diverse faiths and beliefs who want to work with others to build a better world. Our aim is to promote awareness that all humanity is part of the same spiritual family. After logging in, you can choose from a host of options for ways to participate.

As of 4/21/15, we have 11039 members, from 112 nations, in 318 faith groups. Of these, 1232 subscribe to our "General" mailing list and 5110 subscribe to our occasional newsletter. UCS has been online continuously since January, 1996.

If you are new, please join us. Becoming a member of UCS is free and without obligation. If you are already registered, please log in.

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