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Masonic Order from Egyptian Tradition with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay....

MILKA CRUZ Uruguay Rosicrucian 6/28/08        
Regular Rosicrucian Order from Montevideo, República Oriental del Uruguay. Working in the reintegration of Human mankind with the Cosmic power....

JESUS GONZALEZ Uruguay Unificationism 2/22/10        
Jesus Gonzalez Losada - Author and educator from Spain (1952 - ) Happily married with Teresa Chavez from El Salvador they have with two sons. He graduated in Educational Sciences and worked as a teacher in Spain. He has given seminars and conferences in Central America, Russia, China and many other countries in South America. He has a Master in Marriage and Family by the Navarra University and he specialized in the area of Character Education and Family Values. At this moment he is the President and Director in Uruguay of the Fundación Educativa para la Paz ( - ) and Director of Education and Interfaith for UPF Latin America and Caribbean Region He has published several books and essays. ----------------------------- I am determined as a goal of my life to encourage the development of good character and personal integrity in myself and others, as the necessary foundation to establish true families who are authentic schools of LOVE and good examples of conjugal, paternal, brotherly and filial love. Together we need to make humanity one great family,by breaking down the walls in our hearts, and create one human family under God which is able to realize a society of interdependence,mutual prosperity and universally shared values....

LUIS GUZZO Uruguay 12/25/97        

GLORIA HENNEMUTH Uruguay Native American 8/17/10        
I am a 52 year old married woman, we have a 23 year old son who moved away during and after college. My parents have both died as have both of my in laws. My husband is my best friend. i have a very deep love and admiration for Grandmother Earth and find myself disenchanted with the ways of most "two leggeds" as of late. I desire to find someone who can help me pray to the Great Spirit in a way that is appropriate for a white person who feels most comfortable the way the First People do. I cannot express to you strongly enough how much i need to fill this void in my life. Is there someone here who can help?...

MONICA SECKBACH Uruguay 5/31/98        
Hallo Everyone, All I can say is we need to work together for the highest good. I know and believe in angels and want to cooperate with them, work with them so that we can reach the Bliss we were intended to live. I do not believe that the Father wants us to learn only by suffering. You can learn through joy even better and more. I would like to feel more clarity inside me and around me. When I was born I thought the world was quite different and do not understand it too well even now. I will not give up. I also love dolphins, dogs and horses and respect all beings. I want to work on my emotions and unravel from common illusion and I do love people. I am of the Aquarius but love the oceans and waters passionately and want to really help the planet and communicate multidimensionally, whatever language is needed. Aat the moment am beginning an even newer phase as have just returned from a year and a half in the USA empty-handed. Am deeply connected to all Celtic feelings.And others of course. One of my teachers has been Dr. Carlos Warter. You may not know him. He taught me a lot Love to you all, Monica...

BHAI JI HARIBHAJAN SINGH KHALSA Uruguay Sikh 6/13/07        
Bhai Ji He was born in 1963.Su childhood it passed among books, meditation and practical spiritual. Being adolescent integrated the Society Teosófica, the Institute Neo-Pythagorean and diverse branches of the Rosacrucismo.Theologian and philosopher for the Catholic University of the Uruguay, Graduate in psychology for the State University of Londrina and the Catholic University of Sao Paulo, Graduate in Psychology of the Religion in the University Free of Bruselas,estudent Sacred Languages in the Ability of Sciences and Letters of the University of the Republic, in the classes of Sanskrit, Hebrew and Latin. During eight years it resided in east, studying Arabic, Culture and Islamic Jurisprudence in the University Abdel Aziz in Medina, of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia From where it could maintain a strait contact with Sheikh (Teachers Sufis) of diverse schools. It visited countries in spiritual search as Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Líbano,Irán, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Holy Land, interviewing with Jewish authorities, drusos,bahais and ismaelites. In India he also studied vendanta and Sanskrit in the Adhyatma Prakaya Karalaya of Bangalore with the Shankaracharya of the time, also establishing their first contacts with the ayur-vedas sages and sidhas of the indian south. He was formed as instructor of Yoga in the Rishikesh Institute.He knew and he took sanyassin with Bagwan Rakneesh.It participated in the Maha Kumbha and next to sadhus thousands and sannyasin of all the schools a...

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