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RICHARD ASKEW United Kingdom Multifaith All Faith Vegetarian 6/17/06 7/6/06, 10:39:41    
Hi My name is Richard Askew, I Run a Multi-Faith meet-up group in the UK, I attend many different Churches/Temples including Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Spiritual. I spend much of my time reading and studying religious text from the Gita to the Bible and see Gods wisdom in them all. May you all be Happy, Healthy and Wise....

PATRICIA ROBINETT USA God A Course In Miracles World Scripture 6/7/98 9/17/05, 4:26:06


My entire adult life has been an adventure of healing on every level.

My background is a 30-year practice of a deep meditation called Knowledge, I have been facilitating study groups on A Course In Miracles. for 15 years. I have practiced astrology all of my adult life. I now am in private practice as a clinical hypnotherapist (CHT) and I coach people in person and over the phone on their physical, mental, emotional, relationship and spiritual health.

I help people slow down to a more relaxed pace so they can hear their inner wisdom. In some instances their inner wisdom takes them to past lives, so they can release trauma from the past.

My deep gratitude to you who makes this community possible. Thank you for staying in touch with me even though I have been absent....

RICK THATCHER USA Essene Nazarean Meditation Prayer 2/22/10      
1) Began the Martial Way - October 1972 2) 7th Degree Black Belt (Tiger-Dragon Karate/Kung-Fu) - Jan 15, 1997 3) Master Instructor - Aug 02, 2007 4) Church of Martial Arts - First Abbot - Jan 08, 2009 5) Esoteric Minister & Warrior-Priest Ordination (Esoteric Theological Seminary) - August 29, 2013 6) Granted Founding Charter by Esoteric Theological Seminary - September 13, 2013 7) Founder - Temple of the Empty Fist - September 13, 2013 Interests: laughter, new friends, and far away travel; wildlife, unexplored jungles, and hidden lagoons; adventure, ancient mysteries, and modern cities; challenges, heroes, and compassionate love....

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