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Name Nation Faith Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Date New Last Click Q/A1 Q/A2 Q/A3

LESLIE LIGHT USA Buddhist Love Light 8/3/97 9/11/06, 7:09:49
I am an ordinary person interested in spiritual and poetic expressions....

RICHARD THOMPSON United Kingdom Quaker Education of Youth Community 11/24/97 2/15/06, 1:10:50      
I am a Quaker with a close interest in Islam, Aurobindo, Gurdjieff, Joel Goldsmith, the Peace Pilgrim and interfaith developments. I used to be a Headteacher of a large, mostly Muslim school. I am currently deeply involved in the peace movement, organising a huge Peace Fair to show young people that planning for peace is a happy activity. When I make time, I am writing a book "17 Ways to develop my inner strength" a course of self-education for young people.Currently I am preparing a local inter- and intra- faith pairing project....

NASHID FAREED USA Non-denominational Mystic Love 5/26/00 9/9/03, 1:04:22    

DAVID RAMSDEN USA Self Realization Chakras Alternative Healing 5/10/03 5/12/03, 8:37:27      
I am a Ananda Yoga Teacher in Portland Ananda....

JESSICA ARMSTRONG USA Catholic Community Purity 6/9/00      
It is with the upmost pleasure that I have come upon this site, to finally see what that more than just a few have felt my conviction not to believe that my faith is the only faith, but that for me my faith is the only faith and for you your faith is the only faith for you. As a Catholic I have come across many mountains of criticism that to respect and to encourage people to be wholehearted believers in what ever they believe is the most humble and godly way to be who I am. Through respect we gain friendship, then trust, then knowledge of each other, then tolerance, and then peace. I hope to marry my Wiccan boyfriend, because we share this feeling and because we have found not only an emotional love but a spiritual love that most of my Christian friends say cannot exist. Thank you for the opportunity to join and I hope to hear and talk to you often....

OLAF BORKOWSKI Germany Interfaith Raising Children Spiritually Spiritual Psychology 10/5/00        
I strongly believe in a God of love, a God that is beyond time and space, beyond denomination and religion. I have a family of two children and my family is very important to me because the family is a school of love where I can learn a lot and grow spiritually to become a responsible person. Children are a gift from God, our Heavenly Father, a means to teach us to become like Him, unchanging, absolute and unconditional in love. I spent time in America, Russia and Georgia where I learned a lot about other cultures. My wife is from Russia and my children grow up speaking two languages, German and Russian since I am German and we live in Germany. I am very open to listen to people of various regious beliefs, in fact I want to learn from others and respect their faith. I am working as an IT Assistant my hobbies are sports (cycling, running, swimming). I am especially interested in sharing with others about family values, moral values, how to make this world a better place and so on. I don't want to discuss religious ideologies because they don't interest me, God is a God of mankind and not a God of a certain religion or ideology....

YVONNE GORDON Transcendent Conflict Resolution 6/29/98        
I have always known my path here was coming to an end and I would move to another level during my lifetime and before death. I walked with Jesus from 14-38, trying to understand his words and comparing them to every other philosophy and religion I was led to learn about. I never felt I could nestle in any one denomination although I desperately wanted to find a community I could feel at home in. My journey took me through many religious mindsets but I never felt I had found the truth which would set me totally free, and freedom was something I desperately needed. After 26 years of seeking, knocking and asking "what would Jesus say about this", I was led one day to purify myself from the actions which didnt always line up with my growing bed of knowledge. If anyone ate and ate and ate from the "tree of knowledge" it was me. However I didnt get it...the Tree of LIFE was my real need. The "inner call" to purification was the first thing I didnt analyze about myself ever. I just felt it HAD to happen. I gave up what I understood to be sin, in any language or religion or philosophy and found myself being taken to areas of inner pain that I didnt know could exist in a human being. After a year or so of living with my newfound determination to stay clean and hold on to the DESIRE to be pure even as he is pure, I was put on a FAST by the spirit. I needed to lose weight so I thought this fast was an answer to prayer for weight loss, but God had other plans for this deeper leve...

CARLY HOOS Magic Angels 3/3/00        
I'm a 40+ year young woman and I'd like to meet people with similar ideas about spirituality. People from all around the world. One day I'll have my own "clinic" to help people in a spiritually way. THIS is my dream! I live in Holland....

EDWIN MERCENE United Arab Emirates Jesus Catholic 7/15/97        
I am an artist by profession with no background in writing at all. But would you believe, I am writing books now about the Holy Spirit, the most of the time taken for granted Person of God. The books are entitled "God Among His People" and What Really Matters". This is a sort of introduction to the Holy Spirit for all people who are seriously taking into consideration the promises of Christ. Theologists are just like Saducees and Pharisees. At the end of the day, God will pour His Spirit to ordinary men like John and Peter. God's way is amazing and beyond human understanding. I believe that God kept His promises through the mouth of Joel: a time when He will pour His Spirit to all His people so that in Spirit all will be one as we walk along the narrow trail to salvation, (Acts 2:16-21). Here's the fast lane for those who are in search of the Truth. Happiness and peace through the Holy Spirit to all....

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