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JITA [APARAJITA] BANERJEE India Hindu True Self Healing Angels 10/27/00 9/3/06, 12:09:17      
Namaste Dear Friends I am a reiki master.I love taking part in healing prayer groups and connecting with like minded kindred spirits worldwide. I am fascinated by the Science of Sound and how vibrations of Mantras and Power Words affect people and their environment. I do Japa Yoga ---the chanting of my Divine Beloved's Mystic name all the time.I have sought refuge in His Healing Aura-Blisful in His Loving Grace and Protection.....I fulfill my mortal desiny. Chanting my own Mystic Mantra has harmonised me Body Soul and Mind,and has brought me a Joyful Spiritual Abundance and an Inner Peace in my Life which I share with all I meet. I love attending 'Satsangs'--Hindu Prayer meetings where we sing religious songs and also listen to inspiring articles being read out. love and light Jita...

SOPHIE ROSE USA Christian Law Light & Sound of God 7/7/06 8/24/06, 7:16:34
As the years have gone by I have grown and changed more than I could have ever imagined. I have dealt with internal issues I never thought possible. I agreed years ago to go to hell if that's what it took to find heaven, and now I realized I made the right choice. I didn't get any magic elixers. I had to walk every step of the way through every stupid human trick in the list and discover how to transcend my arrogant ignorance and I have actually gone an inch or two farther along that line than anyone would have wagered I could go -- boy I was a yucky young person. Now I am almost a crone, and dealing with crone things. Like the ambition I buried inside me because I didn't want to admit it was the reason I did things the way I did. Like the way I use anger to manipulate people, telling myself it's my right. Like the way I peacock and posture to get peoples attention because I want them to think I'm special. Ewwwww. I'm not going to attain godhood anytime soon at this rate, but I am facing up to me more easily now than I did when I was young. And I am witness to grace, to amazing, matchless grace that is not worried about whether I understand it or not. I am witness to divine faithfulness and to guidance and to comfort and to truth and to revelation and to wonderful things in spite of me, and because of me, and just because. I have learned to embrace life -- and not just good life. Real life, with its ups and downs. I used to think some crazy thing about what a person ...

WERNER WEIDENSDORFER Germany Anthroposophy Anthroposophy Findhorn Foundation 7/14/97 7/17/06, 4:20:56      
The following facts are parts of my biography:

  • Amongs others I read books of:
    The Maharishi G. Gurdjieff P. D. Ouspensky G. Bennett
    Inyat Khan E. Haich P. Brunton Bô Yin Râ
    T. Leary C. Castaneda R. Steiner Bhagwan / Osho

  • I had or have contact with:

    SHERRIE CONNELLY USA Congregational Acceptance Blessings 8/31/03 8/6/05, 12:13:57      
    I believe that one of the spiritual lessons of life is to identify one's God given gifts, and to develop and use them for higher purposes. Thus, I have researched "work spirit," when people have a sense of vocation and calling for their work. My work has been in helping people and organizations to manage change and transitions, and I have recently spent 2.5 years as a theology student at the Graduate Theological Union reconceptualizing my work with a more explicit grounding in spirit....

    KRIS BOOK Ascended Masters/I AM Ascension Community 11/1/00 6/25/05, 11:13:32      
    Hello, I'm a 51 year old carpenter-organic farmer. I'm building a machine shed at the organic farm I work at right now. My wife Allison and I have about 20 years experience with organic gardening. She also has bio-dynamic skills. During the early 80's we moved to the mountains of Central Oregon to learn how to farm without the sun, just in case the sun was unable to shine. We grew veggies year round at about 6,000 ft. for 7 years. We designed and built greenhouses. We learned to use gro-lights, CO2 injection, and to make clones. I developed an organic hydroponic system, which when used with lights and Co2 injection, just about tripled production. In Jan 99, we moved to Pueblo, Colorado to join an intentional community. Four months later, I rolled our 4X4 with my wife and daughter inside. My daughter, Ruth and I walked away. Allison broke her neck and back. Today, she's in a wheel chair, but we both feel this is just another learning experience. We are sure, that the UNIVERSE or GOD if you will, only provides us with the greatest tests we can pass. Allison has always had great faith in GOD. Personally, I spent most of my early years being a tough guy. I was a "50 gunner" in the Nam and a Harley ridin', hard partying knucklehead for 20 years(excuse the pun).About 10 years ago I realized what a beautiful gem Allison is, so I gave up every mind altering substance I was using(tobacco,booze, pot, coffee,etc.)the same day. We began studying the I AM ACTIVITY and soon we were pra...

    SELENA JONES USA love 11:11 Astrology 9/3/97 5/7/03, 3:33:51    
    Love is the doesn't matter what the question is....

    CELESTE CLEVENGER USA Light Worker Writers Holistic Living 2/12/02        
    I am on a path toward learning more about myself and all the universe has to offer me. I keep an open mind regarding most subjects. I am a writer and my books have taken a spiritual or inspirational bent lately. I relate to much of the information from the Conversations with God books but my spiritual beliefs are constantly changing and evolving....

    BYRON DALE Canada Unnamed Alice A. Bailey Astrology 2/28/01        
    I am 67, was born in Nova Scotia Canada, and have had work that took me to 5 continents, aver 45 countries, on 65 different airlines, not to mention military aircraft. I have seen a lot of the world, but there is so much more to see and enjoy. Im married with 2 grown children, and grandfather of twins age almost 4. I am retired. I have been on a spiritual path for most of that time, having many "psychic/spiritual" experiences since age 3. I spent 20 years learning, practicing, and teaching the tenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, ultimately travelling the earth with the church mortal leaders. I left freely in 1982, and have been questing further since. The path is interesting. May I thank you for this opportunity. I migh add the 7 belief tenants above, only begin to lsit may many sacred beliefs. Respectfully Byron Dale byron.dale@

    KYLE HAILEY USA Advaita Vedanta A Course In Miracles CHRISTIAN SCIENCE 9/27/00    
    Currently I practice Advaita Vedanta - Robert Adams, Poonja, Gangaji, Maharshi. About me: I was brought up a Christian Scientist, spent 5 years at Baptist school hearing that CS was a cult and learning about hell, in high school read the Bible through for my edification and to discuss CS vs fundamentailsts, went through an agnostic period in college, then became involved in large group awarness training (LGATs) in the early 90s (Lifespring - also told by many that this is a cult) then did the Course in Miracles in the mid 90s and now interested in Advaita Vedanta. I'm also interested in Course in Miracles, Yogananda, HAI. Just signed up for Hai III and do some Tai Chi & Yoga and meditate regularly I have some knowledge of many LGAT such as their origin through Messmer, Quimby, Christian Science & Unity, Silva, Scientology-Gestalt-Mind Dynamics-Zen to Est, Forum, Lifesprings, Tamenos, Engery, Harmony, New Warrior. HAI is basically an LGAT but as far as I know its roots are unconnected. Have been interested in Conversation with God (really like book 1), Emmanual (OK), Seth (didn't click) , thought the "Holographic Universe" was fun, Pathworks by Eve Pierrakos (liked alot at the time), enjoyed "Autobiography of a Yogi", and of course Richard Bach - Illusions and JLSG....

    KARI JACOB Australia Avatar Master 11:11 1/13/99        
    The keywords for me are: genuine, committed, passionate. The bio part says: 49 year old single white female! Advanced student of life, love and All That Is. I am genuine and passionate and totally committed to being whole and happy, and that spills over to benefit others. I combine a love of music, reading, singing, meditation, all sorts of other things, with my ability to bring healing energy to people. I am committed to lifting the planet's energy level and bringing light into people's lives. I am on the ascension path and am working towards this being my last lifetime here. I have a crazy/black sense of humour; Monty Python and Red Dwarf go down well. Play a ceremonial drum; write and read poetry; am in touch with many sentient beings who are not of Earth; laugh a lot, love a lot, love to sleep and dream. I know that my purpose for this lifetime is being fulfilled. I feel great joy about the things happening to me and around me. I will be travelling this year, to Findhorn Community as well as other places in Britain. Am looking to connect with males and females of any age who support the sort of thing I am into, and anyone who feels a soulmate or twin-flame connection stirring in them as they read this (I live in hope...) But anyone who wants to share love and encouragement is welcome to email me. NAMASTE, Kari....

    IRIS LOVNORD Sweden Spiritual Healing Reiki 12/13/00        
    I´m a searcher, looking for my "inner self". I am borned Christian but i open for other religion. been studiying religion historyat the university eg hinduim buddhism etc. I´ve also have taken courses in Reiki(first and second degree) Right now I´m in a deep lifecrise and I´m looking for something to hold throug it. Maybe this is away to discover what it´s all about?...

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