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ROSANNA BRESCIA Vaishnava 9/19/00        
I belong to vaishnava path. I have been a student of Arcane School as well as member of Theosophical Society. I live in Milan, Italy, I'm working in an international company. I am married and have one daughter. I share your ideas. This is the reason why I'am asking you to take part to the forum....

JANARDANA DAS Vaishnava Krishna 5/8/00        
I am the only former iskcon devotee that has come forward to join a Vietnamese healing group started by Dasira Narada .The Indian Narada Mumni is one of the major Vedantic saints, the son of Lord Bhrahma . I am wondering if this recent appearance of DASIRA NARADA 154 years ago this september is an avatar of Narada Muni? I will keep you posted. If you have any knowledge of this group please add to the knowledge base here at UCS for the benefit of all....

RAFAEL PABLO M. FERNANDO Philippines Vaishnava 12/29/09        
I am Founder-President of INTEGRAL TRANSFORMATION GROUP, INC., a non-government, management organization established March 1992 which is involved in the extension of management services, education & training, and advocacy in the following areas: COOPERATIVES, ORGANIC FARMING, VEGETARIANISM, INTEGRATION OF GOVERNMENT-BUSINESS-SPIRITUALITY, VEDIC CULTURE, GOOD GOVERNANCE, ISO-TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT, TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP, INTEGRAL TRANSFORMATION MANAGEMENT, INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT. ITG-TheGroup has come to evolved into "a global coalition of people & organizations involved in the Alternative Movements." I myself is a practitioner-teacher-consultant-public lecturer of the above activities or disciplines. I am willing to share it and learn from the members of your association/community. ...

NGUYEN HUNG Australia Vaishnava 11/7/05        
i wish i can known about rubby,sex.......

GAURAHARI KADERLI Switzerland Vaishnava Krishna Essential Spirituality 7/14/97        

NORMA LESTER USA Vaishnava 11/19/06        
my spiritual traditions have evolved quite a bit through my life...i've adopted a bit of a cafeteria approach to my practices...though i am an initiated disciple of a Vaisnava Guru , i still say the Rosary and pray to the Divine Mother...i love my spiritual life,despite its eclectic nature...I am a healer and i am very very blessed in this life...i would like to share my gifts and engage in spiritual dialogues with other Lightworkers...

VAMANA RISHI Vaishnava 5/9/00        
email me. I like to discuss spiritual stuff....

JEREMIAH THOMAS Vaishnava 1/27/98        
Wisdom is the active principle of knowledge....

CHARLES YOUNG USA Vaishnava 2/1/10        
I have tried to learn and realize truths by being with loving and humble souls,love to cook ,share,listen,travel,sing,and meet with the sweetness in others....

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