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ANTAR ALOK India The Seth Material 11:11 Computers 3/6/02 8/28/05, 11:35:57      
well, i love metaphysics, particle & quantum physics, mysticism, psychology, parapsychology, music, mathematics (of nature: golden mean, phi, pi, fibonacci series, sacred geometry...), cybernetics & computers, sketching & painting, music, traveling, enjoying simple 'anything & everything' life offers: cup of tea, dew-drop on a grass blade, crystals of freezing water... people all over our planet gaia, creations in nature, jokes & comedy, and many many things... curious, eager and enthusiastic to learn more about human genome, 12-strand DNA, hebrew, sanskrit, new healing techniques, merkabah, oobe's, astral projection, spacetime travel, extraterrestrials, ufo's ... :-)...

SERGE JOSEPH GRANDBOIS Canada The Seth Material Alternative Healing Channelling 1/18/04 1/22/04, 8:30:20      
Have read Jane Roberts since early '80s and been channeling for nearly 23 years. Enjoy good openminded conversations. Dislike people claiming that their religion is the oNLY way to be and all else is no good or evil. Strongly believe that all humanity comes from a Place of Original Goodness....

TYDYN RAIN ST. CLAIR USA The Seth Material Ecovillage Holistic Living 3/25/03 7/4/03, 9:08:10
I have many, many deep interests, passions, and aspects...some of which are: Bamboo, Botany, Permaculture, Horticulture, Languages, Tropical Forest Restoration, Naturism/Nudism, Polyamory/Polyfidelity, Polyintimacy/Polysexuality, Tantra/Sacred Sexuality/Erotic Spirituality, Paganism (eclectic), Seth/Jane Roberts Material, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Eco-Villages/Intentional Communities, Martial Arts (Internal - T'ai-Chi-Ch'uan), Nature, Giftedness/Genius/Nexus Personality Type, among others... I LOVE connecting with open-minded, free-spirited people of like-mind world-wide, and having deep, intense conversations. I speak English, Español, Português (learning still). AIM: tydynrain, MSN:, ICQ: 29216598, Yahoo!: tydynrain Learn, Grow, Develop!

SCOTT SMITH The Seth Material 9/29/00        
I am a professional astrologer from Orlando, Florida. I am avid student of the Seth material, and my main focus in life is learning how to defeat aging and death....

DEBORAH VERHOEVEN USA The Seth Material 9/16/97        
My beliefs are based on the information given by Seth / Jane Roberts, whose basic message was "You create your own reality"....

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