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SHANKAR GULATI India Reiki 6/21/06 6/21/06, 3:06:27      
A reiki teacher by profession and interest.Other interests include hypnotherapy,pyramidology,gem therapy,astrology,numerology etc....

DOROTHY JONES United Kingdom Reiki 8/26/05 4/10/06, 5:30:00      
I am age 56, and feel very spiritual. I am a Reiki 11 healer. I also attend a spiritualist church. However, there have been occasions that I have attended other churches, ie, catholic, Anglican and would like to know others view point on Reiki and religion. I like gardening, researching my family history and being with my family. I am a cheerful person, although do have a lot of health problems that i like to try and forget about...

SMITA GHOSH India Reiki 8/23/05 11/23/05, 1:35:25      
i am a master in reiki. apart from reiki i have also learned crystal theraphy, yoga, reflexology and i also do aura reading. i want that people starts believing in reiki and does not treat it as a black magic....

Masonic Order from Egyptian Tradition with headquarters in Montevideo, Uruguay....

I am fairly new to reiki and Taoism and am seeking further knowledge....

THEARLE LACEY USA Reiki 5/19/10        
Reiki Master / Teacher / Practitioner Met'is Elder National Chairman Metis Nation of the South Ordained Retired...

ELIZABETH MCCABE USA Reiki 1/11/09      
I was raised Roman Catholic and went to 12 years of Catholic education. Always felt the church's purpose was to help a person to go beyond the need of religion and have a personal relationship with All That Is. Later on I realized a person had to search themselves and be open to receive help from both physical and non-physical sources. I awakened as a result of Harmonic Convergence in August 1987 With much help, I began to grow in spirit and now I am a Reiki Master. The journey continues. I find being open to others in sharing ideas helps me understand and grow....

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