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GREG ADAMS USA Latter-Day Saint 8/20/06 8/29/06, 2:44:41      
Instructor of World Religions...

ALAN BOYCOTT United Kingdom Latter-Day Saint 7/24/00 2/20/06, 5:53:13      
I am a member of a Christian movement that is not regarded as mainstream, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am regarded by mainstream Christians as heretical and therefore excluded from their acts of communion. I do consider myself to be a Christian and that is what is important. However, I do not believe that the Bible is the complete word of God as I also believe that God speaks to me via the Holy Spirit and through anointed individuals called from amongst the faithful, namely, Prophets and Apostles. I am married with children. I enjoy reading literature and biography. I believe every person has individual worth regardless of belief, gender, race or sexuality, and all are divine entities who are in need of perfecting. I hope to meet individuals who believe as I do that the Holy Spirit is the only true pastor and that the Kingdom of God is a single place for the gathering of both a physical and spiritual organisation that cannot be numbered. I believe that the second coming of Christ is imminant and that this world with all its error and evil will soon be disolved. I am not interested in offering a defense of my beliefs but I am willing to learn about what others believe to be true and share what I believe to be true and how this knowledge will ultimately unite the world and redeem the dead....

CARRIE NALL USA Latter-Day Saint Alice A. Bailey Awakening 8/7/04 10/7/05, 7:58:18      
ihave been in the school around 1995 i have all the alice baily books. neverknew i could be in contact on my computor i know that spirt is real. i watched my brother die. and i know he has been around me. any way i always felt man makes it hard and complcated about religion. it easy just love always. but it is hard to do all the time.maybe the name is used cause ive been a member and its still the same name...

ROBAN BIEBER USA Latter-Day Saint Essene Healing 1/22/98 7/19/05, 3:01:34      
Raw fooder...

BRIAN BRESEE USA Latter-Day Saint Creation Truth 7/12/03 7/12/05, 11:04:56      
I believe one will find the truth only as fast as they are willing to accept it. Trading old traditions and beliefs in for the real truth is easier said than done. I'm searching for fellowship in higher truth....

JOSEPH CALLENDER USA Latter-Day Saint 5/4/10        
I'd say that I'm interested in the ultimate nature of reality. My two loves are science and spirituality, and I'm interested in the interface between the two, or how they relate to each other. I have developed a short (three hour) workshop on meditation, spirituality and relationships....

MARY HART USA Latter-Day Saint Angels Polytheism 7/21/03        
I was raised to be a regular Christian, and believing in Jesus as my Saviour is my foundation, which will never change. When you are blessed to have His love and Spirit in your life, you can never turn your back on Him, even if you stray a little in your personal lifestyle. Anyway, it was the doctines I was brought up dealing with eternal security as a truth and the Gifts of the Spirit being of the devil that I had to discover were false beliefs. I do believe it is hard to lose one's salvation, but that requires direct turning one's back on God, not just slipping into unhealthy behavior patterns or beliefs that others consider "cultish." Anyway, it was because of this belief and the lack of pastoral teaching how to live spiritually that led me to an adult conversion. I was 16 and very depressed and was hung up on one guy, and all of a sudden at night I couldn't feel God's presence for the first time in my life and it scared me. I thought I was going to die and go to hell or end up in a mental hospital. Then from talking with someone, that moment, I was told that my hang up on this guy was destroying my faith in God. That one sentence changed me and I began to read everything in the Bible about love and friendship and I learned so much about being a friend to others. And I found out that the Bible contained so much I had no idea of relating to personal relationships. The Lord Jesus became my first love and I wrote much poetry on the insights He gave me. Anyway, th...

GRANT NASH USA Latter-Day Saint 4/23/10        
I'd like to meet you I've gone through alot in my 52 years on earth. I had a fairly sevre accident 10 days before my 11th birthday but I'm fine now. more to come,its late ...

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