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Name Nation Faith Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Date New Last Click Q/A1 Q/A2 Q/A3

ROSA ATLANTICA United Kingdom Devotee 6/28/99 8/31/06, 7:53:04      
Interested in the esoteric teachings of world religions....

LINDA WEBSTER Canada Devotee A Course In Miracles Kriya Yoga 2/27/99 11/7/05, 9:47:26      
"Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." A Course in Miracles Just left my most recent job without knowing what I'm going to do. Just need to remember whats it like to live quietly and peacefully for a while. Hoping I can find some kind of work I can do at home....

YVONNE MCDONALD South Africa Devotee 6/30/01 3/1/04, 10:03:18      
I am retired and love this network....

STEPHEN COMBS USA Devotee A Course In Miracles Absent Healing 8/20/03        

SABI FLOW USA Devotee 12/20/07        
we're a group of spiritual filmmakers that make deeply meaningful films through a collaborative approach - our goal is to create an atmosphere where our actors can find those moments of transcendence in the present moment. Our hope is that through recognizing the mystery in each other, through our films we will heal. It's very easy to make a commercial film with sex, drugs or violence with dualities and contrived endings - it's difficult to explore something honest and real - and to share that with others that are on the Path. Please visit our site and sign up for our newsletter - it's truly how we get the word out there....

MAHANTESH GADAG India Devotee 11/30/06        
I am an application programmer. I am interested in listening to spiritual talks. I admire compassionate and humble people....

SUSIE GREEN CANADA Devotee 1/4/02        
I took communion in the Presbyterian Church when I was young. At 11 years old I received a moment of grace and visitation and light from Jesus. I am devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda and have been a Kriyaban for 26years. I have been a dancer,choreographer and householder yogi. In my work I teach dance for the enablement of peace. I see my sadhana as an evolving service to the Divine. I love the wilderness and when I am not travelling and working I love to camp and canoe and catch and release flyfish[just learning..the rest of my extended family are great teachers....

YA'AKOV LITMAN USA Devotee 11/24/08        
I am an Independent Progressive Catholic priest(retired)who has taken up with Quaker and Unitarian Universalists.I am a great hodgepodge....

SRI RAMA KRISHNA MARELLA Devotee 5/17/00        
I am from India. I am a chemistry lecturer. Interested in Theosophy,astrology,healing,meditation and belive that soon we shall have one world, one language, one relegion....

SAIGIRIDHAR MULLAPUDI India Devotee 3/14/05        
hi, i am sai i would like to spread the message of love....

KALIS QUIRK USA Devotee Community Service 2/22/01      
I am a submissive in service to Kali, and, as an aspect of that service, I am feeling called to take up some form of service in the broader world. I would like, eventually, to be ordained as an interfaith minister; for the moment, however, I'm simply trying to learn how to live a life of service and contemplation without withdrawing from the "real" world . I'm hoping to find, create, thump headfirst into... whatever it takes... a community of the spirit in the San Francisco Bay Area....

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