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The Future Is Now: The Significance of Precognition
Arthur W. Osborn

1 "Theistic conceptions of both Eastern and Western religions imply that in some sense all things exist in the eternal consciousness of the Supreme."

2 "In Hegel's Absolute we have a philosophic statement of a universal Whole which is the sum total of all phenomenal existence."

3 "Love and compassion are the direct outcome of the realization of Unity."

4 "Both in the East and in the West it is stated that we may transcend the intellect and become aware in a manner incomprehensible to the rational mind of a state of Oneness or Wholeness."

5 "The processes of the macrocosm are reflected in ourselves. So in studying ourselves we may know the inherent nature of the universe."

6 "God is the only Reality, and the realms of manifestation rest on God as the Ground of all that exists."

7 "Whenever we look at nature and at all phenomena we find it impossible to put our fingers on boundary lines which are definite limits of independent existence. A thing which seems to be separate from one point of view is found from another to be related, and therefore dependent on other existences. Nature is an integrated symbiotic Whole."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite