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Seeing With the Mind's Eye
Mike Samuels, M.D. and Nancy Samuels
The history, techniques and uses of visualization

1 "The whole of nature is but a symbol, that is, its true significance becomes apparent only when it is seen as a pointer which can make us aware of supernatural or metaphysical truth." Rene Guenon, contemporary French philosopher

2 "The circle has been variously interpreted as a state of oneness, unity, heaven, the sun, Yang, the Self, ultimate wholeness, enlightenment."

3 "The Tantric-Hindu theory of the creation of the world holds that Nature as a whole is the Dream of the One Mind."

4 "The mandala symbolizes the cosmos, and the center of the mandala represents the axis of the universe."

5 "A particular image will surface in many people when that image is needed to solve a common cultural problem or give inspiration. One way to look at images is that they are the homeostatic mechanism of the universe."

6 "Mandalas have been used by many cultures to represent the creation of the universe. Carl Jung has theorized that mandalas represent centering, the unification of parts of the psyche."

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