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Marilyn Ferguson's Book of PragMagic
Marilyn Ferguson
Pragmatic magic for everyday living - ten years of scientific breakthroughs, exciting ideas and personal experiments that can profoundly change your life.

1 "To believe in something is to breathe life into it. If we know what we believe, we know what we empower." Connie Zweig, 'Brain/Mind Bulletin', 1984

2 "The word 'mandala' means circle in Sanskrit. The mandala, a design form which radiates out from a center, is ancient and universal, appearing in art, architecture, and dance of cultures everywhere. It is the 'magic circle' and often has a ritual, religious symbolism as in the rose window of medieval churches….In times of confusion or stress it is a way to collect your thoughts."

3 "Carl Rogers, the late humanistic psychologist, believed that human beings, like all other organisms, have a natural tendency to fulfill their inherent possibilities."

4 "We live according to what we believe is possible."

5 "According to University of Georgia educational psychologist E. Paul Torrance, scientists have accumulated evidence that our image of the future determines our motivations. What we make an effort to learn and what we achieve is based on what we think is possible for ourselves. 'In fact', Torrance wrote in 'The Creative Child and Adult Quarterly' (VIII, 1983), 'a person's image of the future may be a better predictor of future attainment than his past performances.'"

6 "Myth is able to encompass the archetypal dimensions of the unconscious mind, which transcends early conditioning and cultural setting. A mythic outlook also reminds you that you are part of a larger picture than your immediate concerns." David Feinstein and Stanley Krippner, 'Personal Mythology'

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