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Paths to God: Living the Bhagavad Gita
Ram Dass

1 "My life is offered in service to the One."

2 "Everything in the universe is made up of the very same stuff, and it's all absolutely interchangeable at every moment. The electrons of you are indistinguishable from the electrons of me are indistinguishable from the electrons in a star…and it's all totally interrelated."

3 "There are, in the Vedas, various descriptions of the manifestation of the One into form, the passage from the One into the many, and that act of creation is always seen as an act of sacrifice. It's a sacrifice for the One to give up its Oneness and become the many. So then our acts of sacrifice back into the One complete the wheel; they spiritualize life, and bring the whole cycle into harmony."

4 "There is only one of us….it's always just God dancing with God."

5 "The Upanishads say: 'An ocean One the seer becomes, without duality. This is the highest path, the highest prize, the highest world, the highest bliss.'"

6 "We can turn whatever it is we do every day into a path to God."

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