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Agartha: The Essential Guide to Personal Transformation in the New Era
Meredith L. Young
Channeled wisdom which affirms humanity's Divinity and its place in the One consciousness that unites all beings.

1 "The Universal Core bestows creative impetus upon each soul."

2 "Every single form of life is genetically encoded to evolve toward wholeness."

3 "The God-presence is within and without all that exists."

4 "Whenever one seeks to know other forms of life in a sense of love and honor, meaningful interaction is experienced."

5 "Love is, indeed, the appropriate and, in fact, only relevant vehicle for increasing man's vistas of harmony on Planet Earth."

6 "Man is indeed God. His eventual path is always toward awareness of his own divinity, is always toward consciousness of his Godly nature."

7 "God's balance maintains this creative universe and the evolution of all things."

8 "As each person moves through each day, he must realize he is choosing not only his course but also the course of his planet."

9 "Nature and man serve a common destiny: nurturing the Planet with love."

10 "Seek practical toeholds in everyday life that can help to further define oneness."

11 "To theorize is human, but to respond to universal law beyond the realm of theory is truly divine. Because man is divine, he is able to tap that level of perception which permits exploration into the innermost reaches of life, grounding this knowledge to the bosom of the Earth."

12 "Each day requires healing of the self through awareness and acceptance of the human connection to love."

13 "The truth is that man is much more than just his physical presence. His expanded self is an alive and growing unit of life energy which is synonymous with God."

14 "God, the Isness, the Great Oneness of the Universe, is the collective presence of all things living, all evolving beings."

15 "Earth has dynamic form, each aspect of which uniquely identifies its own existence as separate and yet as linked to all life."

16 "Enlighened love is the magical link where man sees himself as one with all things."

17 "All beings exist as seemingly insular items and yet as integral and inseparable parts of the whole."

18 "Choices, there always seem to be choices. Life is indeed a series of unending choices, all of which more finely tune one's path."

19 "Individually and collectively, maturity is gained only as each person reaches, through love, for recognition of his own living connection to all other living energies of the Universe."

20 "Man must work toward the areas of shared brotherhood, focusing on the similarities of spiritual pursuit rather than the differences."

21 "Indeed, there is a Divine Providence that directs our lives toward those elements that can both teach and guide us in the most appropriate directions."

22 "The right to live with mutual consideration and respect needs to be the newly-forged path of an aware society."

23 "When the human race willingly accepts its joint participation in the earthly experience, then there will be no more advantage taken, one of another. Then there will be mutual respect and understanding as each life force searches to further its own development through meaningful interaction."

24 "All life has the potential to give and receive love."

25 "All life has purpose and progression both in an ecological and a spiritual sense."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite