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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Saint Germain on Alchemy
Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 "Selfhood derives from the Universal One."

2 "Now, it must be understood with cherishment that all Life is one."

3 "Space and time are necessary subdivisions of one sole reality."

4 "The grandiose concept of cooperative oneness [is] charged with the power of love and freedom unbounded."

5 "To know nature, know thyself."

6 "The watchful care of God ever manifests to his wondrous purposes a Guardian Presence who seeks the glorious fulfillment of each person."

7 "The mind of Christ is synonymous with the mind of Light and characterizes one whose attunement is specifically directed to the Higher Intelligence."

8 "Everywhere is Love unfolding the mysteries of Life."

9 "Everyone should see his life – at any age or time – as amenable to change for the better."

10 "Life watches you and Life is intelligent and considerate….Life is earnest and tender. Life is dramatic and moving toward glory."

11 "Let the love of the individual parts for one another and for the Whole exceed self-love and excel unto an expansion of Love within the creation in honor of the Creator, finding thereby reunion with the one Life which is All and in all."

12 "The world is not so poor as it sometimes considers itself to be in the manifestation of this great God-essence of Love, but it already possesses a great wealth of divine Love – a Love all too often unrecognized even when seen!"

13 "Love is the unbeatable cosmic force!"

14 "You must understand the mystery of oneness whereby a thread of contact between each life and its Source serves to connect all who live to one great central switchboard."

15 "We all have a responsibility to encourage the light to expand in all people."

16 "God who created the Cosmic Egg and holds it in the hollow of his hand is also the God flame expanding hour by hour within his very own sons and daughters."

17 "The vast Intelligence that created all that is, expands mighty wings of light over the all of the cosmos. As above in the Macrocosm, so below in the microcosm, in the miniaturized world of appearance, is this Intelligence individualized!"

18 "How reasonable it is to suppose that enough people serving in harmony can change the most calcified condition and create an influx of love."

19 "The Universe…is spread apart from a center of oneness to a diversity of light, color, tone and density."

20 "The purpose of thought and feeling is to form the mold of fruitful and progressive experience which in turn endows mankind with the highest aspects of his Divine Self."

21 "Remember, true Love is the great magnet that draws forth the Power of God's heart charged with his holy Wisdom."

22 "God is in Truth the All-in-all – not only in principle but also in practical application."

23 "The feeling of aloneness should be transmuted and superseded by the certainty of all-oneness."

24 "The power of reaching outward and becoming a part altogether conscious of a whole in a marvelously spiritual manner is the gift of God to all."

25 "The will of God, the wil of the Higher, is the will of your Real Self."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite