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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Saint Germain on Alchemy
Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 "Perfect Love casts out all fear and all torment that fear begets."

2 "There is a purpose in the plans of God which far transcends the understanding of the human intellect….all life should live in a state of constant expectancy."

3 "God is in Truth the All-in-all – not only in principle but also in practical application."

4 "The world is not so poor as it sometimes considers itself to be in the manifestation of this great God-essence of Love, but it already possesses a great wealth of divine Love – a Love all too often unrecognized even when seen!"

5 "The planetary veins and arteries conveying the tireless energy of the Eternal One from place to place upon the spinning globe of the world, the blue dome of the sky with the golden sun disk to warm and revivify, the silent night with the crystal moon and diadems of stars….all of these are flooded with a sense of unity which pervades all things."

6 "The Universe…is spread apart from a center of oneness to a diversity of light, color, tone and density."

7 "Remember, true Love is the great magnet that draws forth the Power of God's heart charged with his holy Wisdom."

8 "The power, love, and wisdom of God gently bestow upon each individual creature of the creation the blessedness of opportunity to know God without limit."

9 "Love is truly the cohesive Power of the universe."

10 "This is God's great gift: he always returns more love to life than life ever gives to him. Selflessly, the magnitude of God sends forth a torrent of love when a few droplets would suffice and thereby sweeps mankind on the upward pilgrim way, regardless of man's erroneous notions."

11 "How reasonable it is to suppose that enough people serving in harmony can change the most calcified condition and create an influx of love."

12 "Love, Wisdom and Power are in reality the One indivisible/undivided Whole which can never be divided or divisive – their atoms chanting as they chart the spheres: 'We are One, We are One, We Are One….'"

13 "Selfhood derives from the Universal One."

14 "Love is the unbeatable cosmic force!"

15 "This is true Self-love – the love of the True Self in all."

16 "In the macrocosmic-microcosmic interchange, in the great flow of life,…man senses the unity of all that lives."

17 "The will of God, the wil of the Higher, is the will of your Real Self."

18 "The grandiose concept of cooperative oneness [is] charged with the power of love and freedom unbounded."

19 "You must understand the mystery of oneness whereby a thread of contact between each life and its Source serves to connect all who live to one great central switchboard."

20 "Each day ask your God Presence for greater Wisdom and for an increase of the flame of illumination and its right use."

21 "We all have a responsibility to encourage the light to expand in all people."

22 "Let all in being their brother's keeper esteem the highest and best possibilities for everyone."

23 "Everywhere is Love unfolding the mysteries of Life."

24 "Now, it must be understood with cherishment that all Life is one."

25 "Let all learn to recognize the true worth in others and in all things."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite