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Quietly Comes the Buddha: Awakening Your Inner Buddha Nature
Elizabeth Clare Prophet

1 "Be that one who encourages all who walk along the pilgrim's way and says: 'Fear not, for I am with you. Have courage. Be of good cheer, for I am the flame of love, wisdom and power ever near.'"

2 "God is a transcendent presence of love and wisdom."

3 "Focus your attention on your heart, deep within the chamber of your heart. This is the place where your Higher Self, your Buddhic self, holds a vigil for you with such tenderness, such profound understanding and such deep desire to heal you."

4 "'Seek and ye shall find' is the fiat of the creative mind."

5 "I bow to the abounding unbounding Eternal One, precipitator of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and the abundant life."

6 "The way of the Buddha is the path of enlightenment through self-knowledge – knowledge of every aspect of the self, what the self is, what the self is not."

7 "You were immaculately conceived in the mind of the Buddha and in the heart of the Eternal Mother. Know your identity in the Mother and the Buddha. This is your right and your duty."

8 "Proclaim the light of God that never fails. Stand before the tribunal of the world and speak the truth, and see how truth will set you free."

9 "One by one you take your place in the mandala of saints and bodhisattvas."

10 "All sentient life possesses the Buddha-nature."

11 "The seed of Buddhahood exists in every living being. Therefore, for ever and anon, all that lives is endowed with the Essence of the Buddha…It is immaculate by nature and unique with all, and Buddhahood is the fruit of the seed." Uttarantantra

12 "Man and woman created in the image of God are co-creators with life."

13 "When hearts come together in harmony and love, we can accomplish so much. We can heal one another and uplift sentient life. We can save a world…."

14 "The heart that loves knows no fear. For the heart that abides in perfect love has cast out every fear and the torment thereof."

15 "The Buddha is here NOW. He is always present."

16 "Courage is the wisdom of the soul and the quiet knowing that all sentient beings shall be made whole when the Mother completes her meditation on the inner perfection of each one."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite