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Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Includes prophecies from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, showing how we can make our future come alive with new hope and help for all.

1 "Just as God has expressed the many aspects of his personality in what we have come to call Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Christ or Buddha, the divine can also dress itself in the garb of Mother." 2

2 "Mankind will always have the choice and the challenge to express its highest self or fall prey to its darker desires."

3 "Above all, men should understand and apply the law of brotherhood and not be so hasty in their judgments of one another."

4 "Commune with God daily, whatever your religion or spiritual path. With a tremendous intensity of love, make contact with the divine spark that dwells within your heart. Send that love out to the world."

5 "Yes, today it is your choices – the choices that you make, beloved – that will determine the course of this civilization."

6 "Humanity must gather its genius, energy, and love and pour it onto the present." John Hogue, 'Nostradamus: Complete Prophecies'

7 "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Albert Einstein

8 "No man, no woman, is an island. Those who walk a spiritual path know that we are all interconnected."

9 "And then at last we shall move all together in the harmony of our spheres under the great impulse of a single creation – one unity, one system, one design." Roger Bacon

10 "Through his messengers in the various religions of the world, God unveils different aspects of himself so that the people of diverse cultures can understand – and assimilate – the different attributes of his divine personality. For there are many ways to climb to the summit of being, to reach the Universal Source. Each path offers a different perspective of the summit – a new way of understanding who God is and who you are."

11 "If enough people believe in something, they can make it happen as their collective energies come together to fill in their shared vision."

12 "Spirit is one…Let the temples of individual lives, the temples of the world, and the varying religions of the world learn to understand this cardinal truth that they may cease in their warrings and begin to express universal compassion."

13 "In today's interconnected world we no longer stand alone. We are wed to other nations and peoples."

14 "Like the tides of the sea and the currents of the air, all energy moves in rhythmic flow. Patterns of energy-flow between and among people must sooner or later recycle through the planet and in the process be assimilated and outplayed by the forces of nature."

15 "We must visualize the highest good we can imagine – peace on earth, brotherhood, a clean environment. For what we together focus on, we will create."

16 "We must seek, above all, a world of peace…a world where peace is not a mere interlude between wars, but an incentive to the creative energies of humanity." John F. Kennedy

17 "The future is truly in our hands. Our choices now and in the next few years will make all the difference for generations to come."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite