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A Compendium of the Theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
Samuel M. Warren, compiler

1 "God is Love itself and Good itself, and these are His essence." Emanuel Swedenborg

2 "Perfection consists in the faculty of perceiving distinctly." Emanuel Swedenborg

3 "To love the good in another from good in one's self is genuine love towards the neighbour; for then the goods mutually kiss and are united with each other." Emanuel Swedenborg

4 "The universal together with its most single things is a work cohering as one, insomuch that one part cannot be touched and affected without some sense of it being communicated to all the rest."

5 "Man is an organ of life, and God alone is life; and God infuses His life into the organ and all its parts, as the sun infuses its heat into a tree and all its parts." Emanuel Swedenborg

6 "Love opens the interiors of the mind; but fear closes them." Emanuel Swedenborg

7 "From very many objects in the world enlightened reason may discover the infinity of God the Creator."

8 "Charity [love] really genuine is prudent and wise." Emanuel Swedenborg

9 "The Sacred Scripture teaches, and reason enlightened therein and therefrom by the Lord sees, that God is one." Emanuel Swedenborg

10 "The truth is that the Foresight and Providence of the Lord is in the very minutest of all the particulars." Emanuel Swedenborg

11 "Human reason, if it will, may perceive or conclude that there is a God, and that He is one. This truth it can confirm by innumerable things in the visible world. For the universe is as a theatre on which the testimony that there is a God, and that He is one, is continually set forth."

12 "If the attention is directed to the commonest things on earth, an image of regeneration is presented;…the whole world, from its first things to its last, is full of representations and types of regeneration." Emanuel Swedenborg

13 "There is but one Divine Essence."

14 "Nothing at all, not even the least thing, shall exist except that good may come from it." Emanuel Swedenborg

15 "The Lord is present everywhere throughout the whole earth." Emanuel Swedenborg

16 "The Lord takes cognizance of each and all things, and provides for every moment."

17 "The Lord is Infinite, Immense, and Eternal….the Only One, from whom all things are." Emanuel Swedenborg

18 "The Lord's love is towards the whole human race." Emanuel Swedenborg

19 "Every one who will may become enlightened and wise." Emanuel Swedenborg

20 "Love constitutes the life of man." Emanuel Swedenborg

21 "It is a law of the Divine Providence that man should act from freedom according to reason." Emanuel Swedenborg

22 "Good does not destroy evil if a man does not think about the evils in himself, and actually repent of them." Emanuel Swedenborg

23 "The Divine Providence of the Lord is continually operating." Emanuel Swedenborg

24 "An image of the infinite and eternal appears in the variety of all things." Emanuel Swedenborg

25 "Faith is an internal acknowledgment of truth." Emanuel Swedenborg

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