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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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Miraculous Living
Rabbi Shoni Labowitz
A guided journey in Kabbalah through the ten gates of the Tree of Life, designed to open our awareness to the One Divine in everything.

1 "God dwells inside each person and is as close to you as your breath."

2 "The Divine purpose for continuous creation is to bestow goodness among humanity….everything that exists in the external world is for the purpose of developing and serving goodness within yourself and within all creation."

3 "You are enveloped in God's will as a soul is enveloped in a body, or water is enveloped by air, or the universe is enveloped by the galaxy."

4 "Love is the energy, the light, and the sound that echoes from your soul and emanates from the center of your heart."

5 "Whether awake or asleep, you ascend and descend the spiritual ladder of life embraced, lifted, and held by the wings of the spirit of God."

6 "Within you is the whole universe. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm."

7 "If they could rid themselves of these discriminations and keep their minds pure with the light of wisdom, then they would see only one world in which everything is meaningful." Buddha

8 "Remember you are never alone. The Infinite Source is always available to you."

9 "The One sits on the driver's seat." Adin Steinsalz

10 "Your destination is the eternal ecstasy for which you strive. It is the union with the Infinite to which you journey."

11 "You are never alone. There is always a sacred being available within you who will help you overcome obstacles with wisdom, understanding, compassion, and strength."

12 "Primal Virtue is deep and far. It leads all things back toward the great oneness." Lao Tzu

13 "Nothing exists in isolation; the whole universe vibrates with interconnecting aliveness and integrating unity."

14 "You are one with God and one with all life."

15 "All heavenly lights may appear as separate yet emanate from the One Source and are one unified light." Zohar

16 "Every part of your life is a part of God."

17 "You have the ability to affect an entire universe by affecting one soul."

18 "You can choose to think positive thoughts or negative thoughts. You can choose to feel happy or sad. You can choose to see the positive in a negative situation, or the negative in a positive situation."

19 "Can you look beyond the façade of another and empower that person's beauty? Can you see beyond the affects and defects in others and accept them as part of the beauty of yourself, the wonders of nature, and the miracle of love?"

20 "Within your soul are all souls."

21 "The world in which you find yourself in inherently good. Every person is the best of all people, and every occurrence is meant to happen."

22 "You are part of a much greater story that holds infinite possibilities beyond the filters of limited perception."

23 "Healers, teachers, leaders…literate souls and illiterate souls all have much in common. They can all create new environments of experience and effect positive, healing transformation in this world and in all worlds by simply forgiving and being forgiven. On the deepest level, whether you are aware of it or not, forgiveness has already occurred."

24 "All is a unity of one." Zohar

25 "Honor the perfection that resides in each of the parts and the divinity that resides in the whole."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite