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Handbook to Higher Consciousness
Ken Keyes, Jr.
"A purposeful, clearly defined aid to living a more joyful existence of love, acceptance of self and others, and oneness with oneself, others, and the universe.

1 "Love and peace are not only your goals – they are also the methods you use to get to the goals."

2 "Survival and happiness now depend on tuning in to the overall situation involving ourselves, the people around us, and the total environment of the here and now. Perceptiveness, wisdom, and oneness are now the ingredients of effective and happy living."

3 "Your life will be your best teacher, for you will discover that you are always putting yourself into learning situations that are ideal for your growth."

4 "Hand in hand, we journey down the river of our lives toward the vast Ocean of Oneness that is our source and our destiny."

5 "Humans may have nervous systems that are automatically structured to produce instant insights that facilitate love and oneness."

6 "At this ultimate level [Cosmic Consciousness], you are one with everything – you are love, peace, energy, beauty, wisdom, clarity, effectiveness, and oneness."

7 "It is important that you deeply perceive that love and expanded consciousness are completely enough to give you everything you need in your life."

8 "Although our bodies and minds are different, in the realm of Conscious-awareness all of us are the same."

9 "Your world is perfect from the point of view of continually providing you with precisely the life experiences that you need for your overall development as a conscious being."

10 "The joy and ecstasy of life is yours as you become one with the Law of Higher Consciousness – Love everyone unconditionally – including yourself."

11 "Step by step, we climb the mountain of consciousness. We find the path that most beckons to us and then we let the cosmic energy within each of us impel us towards the loftier regions where serenity, unconditional love, and fulfillment await us."

12 "Survival in our world today means that we must have instant perception of oneness – of love – of compassion with everyone and understanding of everything around us."

13 "It takes two people to have an ego battle. But it only takes one person to create the peace and love of higher consciousness!"

14 "All of the problems in the world will solve themselves when we four billion people on earth live in ways characterized by love and service….Every feeling that you have, and every thought and communication you make, can add to the world total of loving energy that can in chain-fashion propagate itself forever."

15 "Although our bodies and minds may be on different trips, on the consciousness level all of us are alike in our humanness. We are one."

16 "There are no 'others' in this world. All of us have shared the same feelings, the same problems…and the same needs for love and oneness. When we experience this with here-and-now awareness, could we feel anything but love and acceptance for all of our brothers and sisters?"

17 "It may be beautiful to paint great pictures, erect tall buildings, or write great novels. But to become the master of yourself is an even higher contribution to all mankind – and to yourself as well. And from this place, your external achievement will be even more tuned in to the energy flow of the world."

18 "Living Love is a positive cure for all of the suffering and unhappiness in your life and that of all humanity."

19 "I am perceiving everyone, including myself, as an awakening being who is here to claim his or her birthright to the higher consciousness..of unconditional love and oneness."

20 "Love everyone unconditionally – including yourself. This law can enable you to find the hidden splendor within yourself and others."

21 "Everyone you meet, including yourself, has the capacity for clear perception, wisdom, effectiveness, peace, and love. We are equal beings."

22 "Everyone you meet is your mirror."

23 "A conscious being knows that life always works best when we operate from a loving space that lets us receive and experience other people (no matter what they do or say) as no different from ourselves."

24 "Loving and serving yields the maximum of all the beautiful things that life can offer."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite