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Dialogue on Life, Buddhist Perspectives on Life and the Universe
Daisaku Ikeda

1 "Correct attitudes and directions in life can open one's eyes to the existence of the harmonious rhythm of all things in the universe, and can inspire one to seek to coexist with all living things."

2 "The physical universe is a manifestation of one eternal reality."

3 "Cells and organs [in the human body] independently keep the rhythm of life, and yet they work together to maintain a consistent order in their interrelated functions. Here we can see a most exquisite harmony between the individual parts and the whole living organism."

4 "The human psyche has a common foundation shared by all human beings, and everyone has as part of his birthright a cache containing the heritage of millions of years, all in the recesses of the individual psyche. The experiences shared by all human beings, stretchng over one million years, are imprinted upon our memories within and behind the innermost depths of our personal experiences." Yoichi Kawada, Japanese physician

5 "By realizing and grasping the ultimate truth inherent within one's own life one can act fearlessly and vigorously, and at the same time understand that all life, including his own, is endowed with peerless sanctity."

6 "The human body certainly has a superb, intimate relationship with the flow of nature. It corresponds intricately to the natural rhythm. All life is immersed in the vast ocean of the natural world, vividly pulsing in harmony with the ever-changing motions of the universe."

7 "Human minds, when filled with love, trust and mercy, will naturally lead nature, an entity of life, to function vividly and creatively. The responses from the macrocosm will then in turn work to benefit human life."

8 "It is true that nature is alive, a superbly intricate web of relationships;….Nature appears to be a gigantic living organism, endowed with a will of its own and a complete, well-developed nervous system."

9 "The human body is no mere collection of cells and organs. It is a creative potential; the cells, organs and systems display their individual character and yet coordinate their activities in harmonious unity."

10 "Eternal life is contained in the fleeting present."

11 "Ecological principles reveal that each and every living organism is tied to all other living organisms."

12 "Each entity of life is inseparably linked with all other beings and things in the universe because the ultimate essence of life which supports them all is one with the life of the universe."

13 "'Only One Cosmos' – this slogan, indeed, is a guide for truly human behavior."

14 "In its depths, the human psyche possesses a base which is shared by all human beings. Every human being has a repository of all past human experience in the recesses of his psyche and it is there that he can communicate with all his fellow human beings on earth."

15 "Hope, determination and joy perform the function of infinitely developing the unlimited potential of the future by incorporating experiences gained in the past."

16 "When we direct our eyes deep into our own self, we can automatically grasp the origin of our behavior and the direction to further progress."

17 "The brain of each individual is, to speak analytically, a brain cell of the society to which he belongs. These brain cells function so as to influence and communicate with each other. As the influences extend to every part of society, the great spirit of the society arises and grows."

18 "The vibration of each individual human life affects all other types of life, and even alters the undercurrents of a people's consciousness."

19 "Our life-flow or rhythm working in the present moment contains all past experiences and at the same time, building on these, develops unlimited future potential. To put it more concretely, the life-activity of the present moment revives and reflects on all experiences of the past, and at the same time makes a powerful start toward a future filled with bright hope."

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