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Living Christianity
Martin Palmer
Vivid explorations of the understanding of Christ found in marginalised or forgotten forms of Christianity, such as Celtic Christianity and the Chinese Nestorian Christian tradition.

1 "Christ is our representative. He exemplifies what we are all capable of…. Indeed, St. Anthenasius (c. 196-373) went so far as to state that God became man so that man might become God."

2 "The Lord of Heaven is incessantly crossing the world and is present everywhere at all time. Because of this, everyone existing in the world lives and exists through the strength of the Lord of Heaven." 'Hsu-t'ing Mi-shih-he Sutra' (Chinese Christian 'Jesus-Messiah Sutra')

3 "God is the parent of all life, mother, father and lover of all that exists."

4 "Behold! The One who is unchanging, who is the Origin of the origins." Ching-ching, Nestorian Christian monk

5 "Celtic Christianity was able to hold in tension both the immanence and the transcendence of God. God is in and through all things and is above and below all things. Nothing is incapable of speaking of God and all are filled with the potential of God – not least, us."

6 "Much of the [early] Church's teachings on the environment stressed the fact that God had created all to be equal and to share the riches of the creation in common."

7 "I see myself as part of the process of retelling the story of Christ and the meaning of the incarnation – a retelling which millions of others are engaged in, consciously and subconsciously."

8 "I breathe in strength as I stand today....Witnessing the Oneness – on my way to meet You face to face." St. Patrick

9 "Our being is the expression of God's thought. We contain the love of God and God contains us."

10 "Question: What is the fruit of study? Answer: To perceive the eternal Word of God reflected in every plant and insect, every bird and animal and every man and woman." Celtic catechism ascribed to St. Ninain

11 "This morning, as I kindle the fire upon my hearth, I pray that the flame of God's love may burn in my heart and the hearts of all I meet today….And may I warm those that are lonely, whose hearts are cold and lifeless, so that they all may know the comfort of God's love." 'Carmina Gadelica' (Celtic prayers and writings)

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