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An Outline of Occult Science
Rudolf Steiner
The cosmogony outlined in this book provides a fruitful source of insight into cosmic and human destiny.

1 "Every person has sudden ideas that he does not owe merely to the outer world, but with which he transforms this outer world itself."

2 "Everything that occurs in the human being is a copy of macrocosmic processes that have to do with his existence."

3 "This sense world is a manifestation of the spirit hidden behind it."

4 "The treasures of folk fairy tales and myths arose originally from spiritual experiences."

5 "No one who has once really approached the Source will, by repeatedly taking refuge in it, go away unstrengthened."

6 "Fear is the direct result of error….fear and similar feelings are only the accompanying phemonena of the progress of man to freedom."

7 "The drop of water has the same relationship to the sea that the I has to the Divine. People can find the Divine within themselves because their innermost being is drawn from the Divine."

8 "The welfare of the individual is intimately bound up with the welfare of the whole world."

9 "In the manifestation of the bodily organs the hidden spirit is at work, and in all that the senses perceive they receive at the same time something spiritual."

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