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Compiled by JoAnn Kite

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A Million Years to the Promised Land
Robert W. Krajenke
Edgar Cayce's inspired vision of the beginning of the world

1 "How truly the Lord is one." Edgar Cayce

2 "Free Will is inherent in this creation, and is the birthright and heritage of each soul."

3 "In God's Mind there is no division. All is One."

4 "God is Love, and in His Love is kindness, patience, and understanding. We will never know the meaning of mercy until we understand God's mercy to us. The best means of obtaining this awareness is to practice showing mercy to others."

5 "Indeed the soul of each entity is a corpuscle in the body of God." Edgar Cayce

6 "Life in all its forms is God."

7 "ALL that ever was and ever is to be learned is that 'The Lord thy God is one' – ONE….No matter in what clime, under what name, all must come to that as was from the beginning." Edgar Cayce

8 "Remember, you have the promise within your own self; and it is not as to who will descend to bring a message, or who would come from over the sea that you might hear or know. For, Lo, God is within your own heart, your own consciousness. In your own body has He promised to meet you." Edgar Cayce

9 "Help me, O God, to choose the right way; that I may ever be a channel of blessings to others." Edgar Cayce

10 "The universe, God, is within. You are His. Your communion with the cosmic forces of nature, your communion with your Creator, is your birthright! Be satisfied with nothing less than walking with Him." Edgar Cayce

11 "Your body is indeed the temple of the living God, and there He meets you." Edgar Cayce

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