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Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream
Mary-Margaret Moore

1 "On the deepest level, there is nothing wrong with what is going on now. Your life is perfect and you picked it. Once you experience the truth of that statement day after day, you will know who you are. Your life is perfect and you picked it….The Wholeness of you has gone through an incredible amount of trouble to get you to just where you are, hoping you will pay attention to what is happening in the moment. The perfect place to be is wherever you are."

2 "The Light of Love is pure, conscious awareness. Awareness and Love are identical. Love is what awareness feels like!"

3 "She (Goddess) comes to anyone who is willing to approach her with humility, devotion, and the desire to be inspired in her name."

4 "Your life is exactly the way it is for one basic reason: the vastness of your Being knows the perfect scenario to help you decide how to deepen your connection with the Light."

5 "God provides you with the necessary courage to find out who you are no matter what is happening…This inner strength, which has always been a part of you, can be called upon in an instant. It is an existing, clear, decisive energy field which is always available."

6 "Every event you choose for your life, no matter how destructive, chaotic or miserable it may seem, has been allowed to manifest because your Wholeness has an innate knowledge of those things you need to get you to the place where you will choose to sink deeply within, into the stillness of who you are."

7 "God is an energy field of alive, conscious awareness, pulsating and singing with life force through your Wholeness – and your body is part of that Wholeness."

8 "Your psyche is spherical, whole and complete. When you are approaching an experience of that wholeness, you begin to notice circles and spheres. The sun and moon are magnificent spherical mandalas, and isn't it a wonderful gift that both by day and by night, the heavens present the symbol of your wholeness to you?....The sphere contains the center point of your cohesive power. It can be used as an imaging device to aid in your movement toward wholeness."

9 "In this moment, exactly as you are, with nothing added or taken away, you can know you are Divine."

10 "So, where do you go to find this Wholeness? If you choose to use the power of each moment as it presents itself, to pull you in and rest you in the center where Being is experienced, you will find your Wholeness. You will find who you really are. You will experience pure, conscious awareness."

11 "Your Wholeness, your entire psyche, has one main directive – bring this separated one to the knowledge there is but One Self. There is but One."

12 "You and the Source are One. All separation is illusion. So know your Self and be free."

13 "This is not the first time anybody has ever been down the path you are walking. You create your reality out of an immense pool of energy, the energy of humankind. That wonderful connectedness of combined wisdom called humanity is a reservoir of awareness you can draw on."

14 "At the most basic level, all are joined. There is no part that is not unified with the Whole."

15 "This planet is going to make some decisions soon…..As you go about your life, for a thousand moments every day, hold this planet in your awareness. See it glowing with wonder, power, love, peace, harmony and wholeness. See it safe beyond the limitations and chaos the mind of man has created. See all the boundaries dissolving and see nothing but a sphere of energy, unified, beautiful, clear, joined, uplifted. The planet needs your help."

16 "No love ever dies. You carry it in your Being."

17 "Now, as you are, you are what you seek. You are of the One. Now!"

18 "Let us suggest a way to move through your day. Against all that your separated senses tell you, try to see through the unity of the inner eye. It sees the One – the Light – the Wholeness. So, as you walk, as you move, remember you can see with this inner eye. You do it by reminding yourself that one thing is not more important than another. You look at everything with the intention of seeing the One in all things. You carry with you the intention to see the Wholeness of Consciousness."

19 "Give yourself the opportunity to remember your happiness depends on one thing – you experiencing yourself as a part of God. Once that awareness is yours, you move into those very simple, basic energy fields you have come to identify with God Consciousness; that consistent, never deviating sense of love, of peace, of brilliant joy, and total awareness. That is what you all seek."

20 "Your Wholeness has as its single goal your awakening to your God-Self."

21 "The way out of fear is simple. It is to remember – remember what it is you want to feel, what you want to have running through your mind, your emotions and your body. From that level the choices become very simple. Choose what you can do to let those around you sense their innocence, their purity and their beauty, and those very things will grow in you."

22 "There is never any more or less God anywhere in the Createdness than is present now….There is never going to be any more or less God than is in every single face, event, or experience that comes before you."

23 "Remove the belief you are something other than love, and you will see and hear and feel the presence of your basic nature."

24 "An enlightened one sees the drama going on around them but is in no way afraid, repulsed or threatened by what is seen, because he or she penetrates the camouflage of drama to what lies behind. And what lies behind the drama is the One Light."

25 "That within us that is most aligned with the God-Self is the beauty and wisdom of our Being. It is a part of the One, and knows itself to be one with the All."

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