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Esoteric Healing
Alice A. Bailey

1 "Every human being is, in reality, like a miniature whirlpool in that great ocean of Being in which he lives and moves."

2 "Above everything else in life, give to all who seek your aid the fullest measure of love, for love releases, love adjusts and interprets, and love heals."

3 "Humankind is an integral part of a great and vibrant Whole."

4 "Love is the Life expression of God….Love is the coherent force which makes all things whole, and love is all that is."

5 "The whole system of occult or esoteric revelation is based on this wonderful doctrine of interdependence, of a planned and arranged conscious linking, and of the transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another; everywhere and through everything is circulation, transmission, and modes of passing energy from one form to another form."

6 "Worry and irritation prevent true vision."

7 "Have ever in mind that love is energy and that it is a substance as real as dense matter."

8 "There is but one Life permeating all forms."

9 "The goal of all development is integration – integration as a personality, integration with the soul….integration with the Whole."

10 "A loving heart is one of the most potent of all the energies employed."

11 "Each human being is an integral part of humanity, an organism in a greater organism. Conditions existing in the whole are reflected in the unit self."

12 "Life is God."

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