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My Way of Life, The Summa Simplified for Everyone
Walter Farrell and Martin J. Healy
The authors present St. Thomas Aquinas' 'Summa Theologica' in a form which everyone can understand.

1 "We are, in a very true sense, wrapped around with God, penetrated by divinity, held up every instant by divine power that saturates all of reality and exceeds it…God is everywhere in the world as the soul is everywhere in the body; where God is not, nothing is."

2 "In actual fact, the justice of God is the truth of God at work. It is the divine Architect's measuring mind tracing in creative lines the pattern of all that is….This divine mortising of the universe into a whole with order is the creative justice of God."

3 "In a very real sense, there is a kind of knowledge of God buried deep in every human being, as deep as the demand for happiness."

4 "Faith is a habit which perfects humanity's reason or intellect."

5 "The great truths that must flood the mind of humanity with light are the limitless perfection of God and the perfectibility of humanity."

6 "We can see in the darkness if we will look through the eyes of God."

7 "Eternity is a cloak wrapped about and enclosing yesterday, today and tomorrow in one moment that never ends."

8 "Our will, the faculty of our desire and our love, is in ceaseless pursuit of goodness."

9 "Man is free. He is not the helpless slave of biology, or psychology, or sociology."

10 "Man's intellect and will are tendencies toward universal truth and universal good."

11 "Just as an apple tree works to produce fruit, so man works to produce good acts."

12 "There are no areas of anarchy in nature; no successful secession from the divine government of the world."

13 "There is a divine Providence, a divine government, that guides a person; there is a power greater than man that moves him precisely to his responsible mastery of his own life."

14 "We can open our eyes to the sharp hints of divine glory in the eager promise of spring, the austere cleanliness of winter, or the lush richness of late summer's fulfillment;…The minute details of nature's organization can stagger our minds with their multitude and complexity and so give us an insight into the horizons of divine wisdom."

15 "Nature bends all its energy to a return to God, becoming more like Him as it sharpens the divine image by reaching to its natural perfection."

16 "It would be more accurate to say that God contains us rather than that we have God within us."

17 "The divine will must be seen first in its primary and eternal activity – as a roaring flame warming all the halls of eternity with the fervor of its love. We must see, in other words, something of the sublime attractiveness of the divine will before we can begin to see rightly its mysterious working with our own will, and with the world."

18 "The allure of the good is an ennobling invitation; for it is essentially a promise that we can become a part of this loved thing or make it a part of ourselves."

19 "The world is a mirror flashing back different facets of divine beauty, and all that is, by that very existence, shouts aloud God's name: He Who Is."

20 "His image is in us, however deeply buried under the debris of our living, and heaven is never beyond the reach of our fingers."

21 "We do indeed become the thing we love."

22 "Justice is the necessary foundation of peace and order in human society."

23 "The government of the world is the execution of the Providence of God."

24 "The natural inclination of every creature is an inclination to good."

25 "Echoes of our living ring down the valleys of the lives of others like the voices of distant bells, quietly, impartially, implacably reaching out to the most secluded, almost forgotten hamlets of humanity."

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