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The Secret Doctrine
Helena P. Blavatsky

1 "From one Soul, that of All, spring all the Souls, which spread themselves as if purposely distributed through the world." Stobaeus (ca. 5th century), Greek compiler of ancient fragments, 'Eclogae Physicae et Ethicae'

2 "The future, like the past, is ever alive in the present."

3 "The Eternal Mind diffused through all the parts of nature actuates the whole stupendous frame and mingles with the vast body of the universe." Virgil

4 "No manifested thing can be thought of except as part of a larger whole: the total aggregate being the One manifested Universe."

5 "One is the One and All."

6 "Nature implants in man as well as in every beast a passionate, inherent, and instinctive desire for freedom and self-guidance."

7 "Every one is a living mirror of the universe, every monad reflecting every other."

8 "Time and Space are forms of the One incognizable Deity."

9 "From Gods to men, from Worlds to atoms, from a star to a rush-light, from the Sun to the vital heat of the meanest organic being – the world of Form and Existence is an immense chain, whose links are all connected."

10 "The unity and mutual relations of all parts of Kosmos were known to the ancients, before they became evident to modern astronomers and philosophers."

11 "Mankind, collectively and individually, is, with all manifested nature, the vehicle of the breath of the One Universal Principle."

12 "All that lives and breathes evolves from the emanations of the One."

13 "There can only be….One eternal ever present Cause."

14 "The one Universal Light is ever existent." Chaldean Book of Numbers

15 "That which in modern phraseology is referred to as Spirit and Matter, is ONE in eternity as the perpetual cause, and it is…all that is, was, or will be, all that the imagination of man is capable of conceiving."

16 "The 'Ideal Forms' are the archetypal or formative ideas…the eternal and subjective concepts of things subsisting in the divine mind prior to becoming."

17 "Every monad reflects every other. Every monad is a living mirror of the Universe within its own sphere."

18 "The One gives life to the whole Kosmos."

19 "The Law for the birth, growth, and decay of everything in Cosmos, from the sun to the glow-worm in the grass, is One."

20 "The opposite poles…are but aspects of the One Unity in which they are synthesized."

21 "The whole Cosmos must necessarily exist in the One Source of energy from which this light emanates."

22 "In the manifold unity of universal life, the innumerable individualities distinguished by their variations, are, nevertheless, united in such a manner that the whole is one, and everything proceeds from Unity."

23 "The first principles in Hindu religious philosophy is 'Unity in diversity.'" Colonel Vans Kennedy

24 "The mighty One rules all things….and ordains the eternal laws that govern the world." Nordic Scrolls of Wisdom

25 "Being is an endless cycle within the one absolute eternity, wherein move numberless inner cycles."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite