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On Union With God
Albertus Magnus (St. Albert the Great)
St. Albert is the patron saint of students of natural sciences. A scientist himself, as well as a philosopher and alchemist, he was also teacher to St. Thomas Aquinas. Written during the twelfth century, this work expresses St. Albert's own personal mysticism.

1 "The highest perfection of man in this life lies in this: that he is so united to God that his soul with all its powers and faculties becomes immersed in Him and is one spirit with Him….The image of God which is imprinted upon the soul is found in the three powers of the reason, memory and will."

2 "Divine Providence extends over all things, even the thoughts of man."

3 "Trustfully commit yourself and all that concerns you to the unfailing and most sure Providence of God."

4 "Nothing can exist and act of its own power, but every creature acts of necessity by the power of God, the first moving cause, the first principle and origin of every action, Who acts in every active being."

5 "Man, by his intelligence, affections, and will, is created in the image and likeness of God."

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