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Sheer Joy, Conversations with Thomas Aquinas on Creation Spirituality
Matthew Fox
Foreword by Rupert Sheldrake, Afterword by Bede Griffiths

1 "Creatures are somewhat likened to the very nature of God, forasmuch as they derive their being from the first being, their goodness from the sovereign good." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 3, a. 4, ad 9

2 "God is known through the knowledge we have, since whatever falls into our knowing, we receive as brought from God." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 731, p. 274

3 "All things are subject to divine providence, not only in general, but even in their own individual selves." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 22, a. 2

4 "Every creature is related to God like the air is related to the sun that lights it up." Thomas Aquinas, 'ST I, q. 104, a. 1

5 "Justice, truth, and compassion are the same in essence, and they have to do with whatever God makes in us. Thus truth and justice lie at the heart of the inner person." Matthew Fox

6 "Fear makes people slaves. Love sets them free." Thomas Aquinas, Sermo, p. 97

7 "The whole universe is like one principality and one kingdom, and must therefore be governed by one ruler." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L. 12, p. 925

8 "I myself find it helpful to compare the field aspect of physical reality to the Logos, the Word, the formative principle. The energy aspect of reality, with energy as the principle of flow, change, and activity, is like an aspect of the Spirit. Both come from and relate back to a unifying source." Rupert Sheldrake

9 "A certain circulation appears in love because it is from good and toward good and that circling agrees with the divine eternity of love, since circular motion alone can be perpetual." Thomas Aquinas, DDN, n. 450, p. 148

10 "God acts in all things from within….God works at the heart of all activity." Thomas Aquinas, ST I, q. 105, a. 5

11 "Light is given to the sun not to shine alone on itself but also on the whole earth. So too, God wills that all our gifts of wealth, power, knowledge should benefit others." Thomas Aquinas, In 2 Cor, ch. 1, p. 301

12 "God contains all things and hugs them in an embrace." Thomas Aquinas, In Meta XII, L.12, p. 925

13 "In God's hand is the life of every living thing, and not only of the animals, but also the breath of all humanity." Thomas Aquinas, In Job 12, pp. 52-53

14 "Our capacity to birth – including the birthing of virtue – derives from the very Creator and artist of all things, including the human being." Matthew Fox

15 "Prophetic words are many in and of themselves, but they are one in their origin." Thomas Aquinas, In Jer 1, p. 579

16 "God is most joyful and is therefore supremely conscious." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics', III, L.11, p. 192, Gilby's translation

17 "Divine good exists in every particular creature." Thomas Aquinas, In Mt 3, p. 36

18 "The saints understand through their experiences how much God loves us." Thomas Aquinas, In Jn 17.23, n. 2250

19 "God wills that human beings exist for the sake of the perfection of the universe." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on the Letter to the Ephesians', 1.6a

20 "Love…has no limit to its increase, since it is a participation in the infinite love that is the Holy Spirit." Thomas Aquinas, ST II-II, q. 24, a. 7

21 "There is no existing thing that does not have some virtue….The effects of the unfailing virtue of God proceed both to human beings and to animals, and to plants and to all natural things." Thomas Aquinas, 'Commentary on Dionysius's Divine Names', n. 751, 755

22 "Choice seems to lie at the core of the creative process." Matthew Fox

23 "Virtue is a kind of spiritual path that assures a life of quality and purpose."

24 "Justice preserves the whole universe." Matthew Fox

25 "The exterior acts of virtue proceed from interior choice." Thomas Aquinas, In Ethics II, L. 5, p. 136

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