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The Coming of the Cosmic Christ
Matthew Fox

1 "Politics will become the art of the people, the art of preserving and celebrating Mother Earth, the art of doing justice and keeping balance and harmony. Economics will become the art of planetary management, the art of living harmoniously within the necessary limits that the goods of the earth set for us, the art of common survival wherein all of creation and its immense wealth – which is its health – is celebrated in balance and harmony."

2 "Each of us displays a different aspect of the divine face."

3 "Divinity and we are co-creators, equally responsible one might say, for the survival of Mother Earth and for the kinds of personalities, relationships, lifestyles, politics, and economics that we birth."

4 "Beloved child, come swiftly to Me, for I am truly in you. Remember this: The smallest soul of all is still the daughter of the Creator." Mechtild of Magdeburg

5 "We have a responsibility to give back the cherished blessing of our lives with grace and gratitude. We must return blessing for blessing. Generativity and creativity have been built into the universe from the start."

6 "The Cosmic Christ is the crucified and suffering one in every creature, just as much as the Cosmic Christ is the radiant one, the divine glistening and glittering in every creature."

7 "The holy omnipresence of the Divine One [is] in all things."

8 "Healing is still possible. This is the hope that the Cosmic Christ, wounded but resurrected, holds out to our times."

9 "The Cosmic Christ IS the 'pattern that connects' and connecting is what all wisdom is about, as the philosopher Gabriel Marcel points out: 'The true function of the sage is surely the function of linking together, of bringing into harmony….the sage is truly linked with the universe.'"

10 "Even small experiences of creation, such as mustard seeds, contain the divine."

11 "All are called to be in touch with the true self."

12 "Creativity is the fundamental law of the human psyche which constitutes a microcosm of the universe."

13 "The Cosmic Christ is a 'pattern that connects' proton and galaxy, human and neutron, human and supernovas. The Cosmic Christ assures us that nothing is trivial for nothing is unconnected to the whole. All is a source of awe, wonder, wisdom, and the presence of the divine."

14 "Our bodies are the temple that con-temples us with other temples, other bodies of the universe, bodies of stars, of suns, of earth, of winged, finned, four-legged and two-legged brothers and sisters, children all of a living God."

15 "The heartbeat of the Cosmic Christ fills the universe with overflowing love, binding all things together on earth and in heaven."

16 "Since 'every creature is a word of God' as Meister Eckhart put it, it follows that Mother Earth is a special word of God: a unique expression of divine wisdom, of divine maternity and caring, of divine creativity and fruitfulness."

17 "The divine mystery and miracle of existence is laid bare in the unique existence of each atom, each galaxy, each tree, bird, fish, dog, flower, star, rock, and human."

18 "Every creature is a ray of God, a radiance of God, a divine expression of God."

19 "Every person has a gift to give the community."

20 "The Divine One is the 'One who is with us', Emmanuel, 'God with us.'"

21 "The Shalom of the Holy; the disclosure of the gracious Shekinah; Divine Wisdom; the empowering Matrix; She, in whom we live and move and have our being – She comes; She is here." Rosemary Ruether

22 "What is it we are always being told to behold in Jesus' parables? The divine presence everywhere."

23 "Compassion is our universal heritage, our God-origin and our God-destiny. Compassion unites us, it forms the common 'field' that all creatures share."

24 "The Spirit is the One who 'makes all things new.'"

25 "Hildegard of Bingen teaches that prayer is essentially the inhaling and exhaling of the one breath of the universe."

This body of quotes compiled by JoAnn Kite